Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Days

We are on day two of being stuck inside due to Snowpacalypse 2014 and we are lucky not to have killed each other yet. Emmeline has peed in her bed twice and pooped in her pants once. Neither Jason nor I have showered and I started my period. The cat is going stir crazy and I pretty sure is plotting my death. I think she's held off so far because I'm the one that actually feeds her. I was getting a weird vibe yesterday, though.

Daycare has been closed, plus I'm not willing to risk my life on dangerous roads to drive into work so I am lucky that I'm able to work from home. Sure, my productivity may not be what it could, but at least I don't have to take a vacation day. I will be very relieved to get back in the office tomorrow, though. I'm not cut out to be a work from home mom.

Truth be told, this little munchkin has actually been really good (except for the potty accidents). I have the PBS Kids app on my iPad and she loves to watch the shows on there. There are some very cute ones, with the exception of Caillou. I despise that whiny little brat (which may be a bit harsh for a children's show, but its the truth).
I like the snow effect
My vacation cannot come soon enough. Hope everyone affected by the storms is staying safe!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day for Me = Success

It is slightly amazing that today was the first day in a long time that I didn't dread coming to work. Not that I had anything spectacular to look forward to, it is just that I had a really rewarding weekend. It didn't even matter that it snowed and froze and made the roads a nightmare. I had my plans and I was sticking to them.

Saturday started off with a bang (literally) and the day just got better. I half watched a couple of movies with Emmeline while I made breakfast and relaxed. But, I did make sure to cry during both movies because I'm sensitive like that (or hormonal, whatevs). Em got a Rapunzel dress for Christmas, which she lived in all weekend, so of course, we had to watch Tangled. Then, I got my butt on the treadmill and ran/walked for 30 minutes. I wasn't worried about pace or anything, just getting my feet to the belt.

After my shower, I headed out to the salon. Now, I didn't make appointments anywhere, I was expecting to just walk in and get taken care of. Miraculously, it totally worked like that. I got my pedicure first and had a great time chatting with the girl who worked on my feet. Then I got a much needed haircut from a stylist who was also a ginger and super cute.

Feeling like a million bucks, I headed over to Mercy Seat Tattoo. I had my first tattoo done here and I knew it was a good place. I had it in my mind that I wanted to get a key on my wrist and had some samples printed out. After I met with the artist and we talked about it, we figured the wrist placement wasn't going to work because it would be too small with no detail (curse my tiny wrists! ok, not really). Anyway, I decided to put it on my forearm. He brought out the sketch and I loved it. He did a fabulous job and he was so cool during the whole thing. He kept checking on me to make sure I was doing okay. The pain was pretty tolerable so I didn't have any problems at all. The finished product was amazing and I absolutely love it. Even though I'll have to wear long sleeves at work all the time, it was totally worth it.

Sunday, I did some cleaning and laundry as usual and relaxed. Last night, I did another 30 min on the treadmill and then did some weight training. It felt so good to be exercising again. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it.

I am going to try and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day as part of my goals for the month. Nothing regimented and nothing planned out. I tend to work better when I can wing it. I am also signing up for Darci's Dietbet today. I need to lose 6.5 pounds in order to get my $20 back, which is totally doable. As long as I keep exercising and get my eating in check, I've got this in the bag. I'm thinking about trying the Dr. Oz detox that Holly had so much luck with.

The month is starting off great, let's just keep the momentum going!

Friday, January 31, 2014

A Little Indulgence

Since we seem to be in the middle of the eternal winter and I have despaired of ever being warm again, I have decided that it is time for me to treat myself to a little pampering time this weekend. I got my yearly bonus and while most of it went to bills and an unexpected speeding ticket (thank you small town Missouri cop), I saved a little bit just for me.

So, tomorrow I'm going to go in for that much needed haircut (you know that one I talked about three months ago, but never got?) and a pedicure. I'm also planning on a little shopping and getting something special for myself. I always feel guilty when I shop because I feel like the money could always go to something else more worthwhile, so it will be nice to be able to do that for myself.

You may have noticed the lack of pictures around here lately (along with the lack of posts) and I have no excuse. I have just not been in picture taking mode at all. The fact that the girls hide from the camera does not help me either. I was looking back through all the pictures I've posted on this blog and got all nostalgic. So, I thought I could have a little flashback Friday action with some bathroom selfies. These span the last year and a half and I can really see how I've changed (and how I stand the same way in every picture).

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend!
Apparently, there is supposed to be some big football game on, so Go Team. Truthfully, I couldn't care less, but who am I to rain on someone else's parade.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding my Motivation... Again

2012/2013 was my year (counting July to July because I'm a rebel like that). I started exercising and eating right and I lost 34 pounds. But as usual, I couldn't stick with it and this past summer, I really started slacking off. I let the exercise slide and started to get lazy about what I ate (especially over the holidays) resulting in a 12 pound weight gain. Ouch.

It isn't water
I started January off well and was doing great. I even got to week 3 of Ripped in 30 and I have never gotten that far before. Lo and behold, I started having some major back pain due to my hips being out of alignment. Even though I feel a lot better after going to the chiropractor, it has been a week and a half since I've worked out. Ugh.

I honestly don't know where my motivation has gone to, but I wish it would come back. I need someone to kick me in the ass and say, "Go work out!" I've told Jason that I want him to keep on me about it because if I'm not held accountable, I will talk myself out of it. Sad, but true. I want to have that drive to exercise every day, but I seem to be missing it. At least I recognize it in myself and am not in denial, the problem is just fixing it and throwing my excuses out of the window.

Jason plans to get a gym membership this year with his tax return and I'm very excited for him to start getting in shape. I think that will be excellent motivation since I don't want to be the chubby slob with the fit boyfriend. Plus, we are actually planning a real vacation this year and are going on a cruise! I'm beyond excited about it. I know I'm going to be strutting around in my swimsuit so I have to look good. Tropical paradise, here we come!

The last thing I need to take control of is my eating. It is just too easy to get takeout or pizza or fix a not so healthy quick meal. I am going to strive to actually plan out my meals again and cut out the unnecessary carbs and sugar, my two main downfalls. If you have any great meals that you love, send them my way!

Any and all encouragement is welcome and appreciated!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

It's only been a month

Oh hey there! Surprise, I didn't drop off the face of the earth. Just off the face of Blogger. No specific reason why, just same shit different day. Honestly, it is extremely hard for me to continue doing something for long periods of time (ie blogging). I get bored and have to move on to something else. Jason was surprised that I lasted as long as I did. However, I do enjoy blogging and I enjoy the people I've met through blogging so I just need to keep it up. Plus, who doesn't want to regaled with stories of my boring life?

Quick recap, Christmas was great. We traveled all over, but had a great time visiting with our family. My sister and I may have drank too much wine and passed out early, but at least we did it together. I'd hate to be the only alcoholic in the family. :)

New Year's Eve was much less exciting. Both Jason and Emmeline went to bed early and I stayed up watching the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby. I really know how to party.

All the girls are doing well and staying healthy. Hannah is getting ready to graduate and was just asked to be in her best friend's sister's wedding. I have been watching too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress lately and really want to go wedding dress shopping with someone. Not for me, mind you, but someone. Cordie managed to drop her phone in a sink full of water rendering it useless. I haven't decided what to do yet, because I sure as hell cannot afford to buy her a brand new iPhone. I need to find out if the phone is repairable or not and go from there. Although it kills me to continue paying monthly fees on an unused phone, maybe being phoneless will help her be more responsible.

Paige seems to be committed to keeping her hair short, which is cool by me. I think it looks super cute and saves on hair bows (as if we have a shortage or something). Elsa is still tempermental and tantrum prone, but seems to be improving. Can I just say thank you to Disney for creating a flawed character named Elsa? I took the girls to see the movie Frozen and we all loved it. I especially enjoyed how relatable it was.

Emmeline has taken a step backwards in the potty training arena. She has had several poop accidents at home and school for no discernible reason. She has also started wetting the bed periodically. I can't quite figure out the reason. I did have her tested for a UTI, but it came back negative. Otherwise, she is doing very well and cracks me up on a daily basis. She is a major sweetheart and loves hugs and kisses.

Jason is still working on growing out his hair and beard. They are both getting quite long and he LOVES it when people make Duck Dynasty references. I think it is wicked sexy. Who knew that I would dig a hairy guy so much? He got sick last week and was diagnosed with strep throat, so I got to take care of him. He does not do sick well as he has been mainly pissed about feeling so shitty. I'll be expecting this soon.
As for me, I started the Jillian Michaels challenge that is being sponsored by Holly, MelanieKimmy and Jenn. After gaining 8 pounds over the holidays, it needed to be done. I started off really strong, but have had to take a break this past week due to severe lower back and neck pain. After several trips to the chiropractor, I am ready to get back at it. I don't know if it puts me out of the running for the competition, but I don't think I was going to win anyway. I just needed some motivation to get off my lazy ass.

Hope everyone else is doing well and staying warm. I am over this nasty winter for sure!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Beat Procrastination

Okay, not really.
But seriously
 We won't talk about the fact that I've gained 11 pounds, or the fact that I've squeezed my ass into skinny jeans I have no business wearing or that today is not technically a jeans day at work. Jeans week starts tomorrow, apparently. Thanks HR.

Nope, today I am enjoying the fact that for the first Christmas in a long time, I am not stressing about what to buy everyone at the last minute. Except for a few stocking stuffers I need to pick up, I have everyone's presents purchased and wrapped. Woohoo! I would love to say that I got all crafty and fancy with the gifts, but no. Just plain wrapping paper and a sticky name tag.

 We did venture out of the house on Saturday to brave the craziness to get the batteries replaced in our watches (they had only died 5 months ago) and to hit up the grocery store. We had thoughts of making some Christmas cookies and candy, but that didn't happen. A nasty storm blew in after we got home so I just hunkered down in front of the TV and had myself a little Harry Potter movie marathon. I made it through 7 movies, but didn't get to the very last one because SOMEONE thought I was hogging the television. Hater.

I actually ordered Christmas cards through the Walgreen's website yesterday and will be picking them up today. Yes, I realize that Christmas is two days away, but this is a huge accomplishment for me! I figure as long as you get the card the week of Christmas, it still counts. It counts.

It is a balmy 10 degrees here today in KC, but at least the roads are clear. Despite getting snow and ice every single year, there are still morons out there who act like it is the first time they've ever seen snow. You either get the ultra cautious driver or the idiot who thinks he's invincible and ends up in a ditch. Natural selection works.

Hope everyone else is doing well this week and that you don't get trampled by crazy shoppers. Amazon Prime is my new BFF.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Emmeline aka my Monkey

We have been very lucky to have avoided any major sickness so far this year, but lately Emmeline keeps trying to give me cause for worry. Thursday morning she woke up crying and complaining that her ear hurt. I feared we were facing another ear infection so I gave her some Motrin and stayed home with her. I needn't have bothered. She was absolutely fine all day long and has not mentioned a peep about her ear since. Monkey.

Coloring with Daddy at IHOP
On Sunday, I took the girls over to my aunt's house for our annual sugar cookie making fiesta. Everyone always enjoys it because they basically get free reign to roll out, cut out and decorate cookies however they want. Emmeline, as usual, wanted to do it all by herself so we had a little struggle of wills as I tried to help her out. She seemed to a little out of sorts however, because she kept going to the bathroom to pee. She seriously went like 20 times that day, plus she kept having accidents and peeing in her pants. Added to the fact that she said it hurt when she peed and I was convinced she had a UTI.

"I not tired!" Yeah, right
Monday, I stayed home with her (again) and got her in to see the doctor. Naturally, she didn't seem to be having any issues any longer. She peed in a cup like a champ and sat very good for the doctor. The pee test came negative (really?) but the dr. did say that her ear looked rather red (interesting). She gave me a contingent prescription in case her ear gets worse or if she starts running a fever. Negative on both counts so far.

Chillin at the dr.'s office
And because I didn't have enough cause to worry, let's throw in an eye test just for fun. Her daycare had someone come in and do a preliminary vision test and hers came back inconclusive and they recommended a screening by an optometrist. Her appointment was at 5:30 and she had managed to fall asleep right before we had to leave the house so she was not at her ideal happy state. She did pretty good at the eye doctor, but was very wiggly and kind of out of control at some points. I really enjoyed wrestling her to the floor to get her coat on and having her fight with me as I carried her to the car. Good times. At least she doesn't have to get glasses. Her vision is a little weaker in her right eye, but since she is still developing and growing the dr. just recommended that she get yearly checkups. Whew!

This little girl just loves to keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.