Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running is expensive

I did not realize how much money you can drop on gear when you start running. This stuff is not cheap and I do not like to spend a lot of money. This comes from being perpetually broke. Let's break this down, shall we?
Shoes - $100
Socks - $10-$30
Bra - $30-$50 (for one)
Shorts/Skirts/Shirts - Here is where you can really spend a buttload
Garmin - $100-$300+
Gear Belt - $20-$50

Who wants to sponsor me? I actually have not had to spend a ton of money on this stuff yet, as I am just starting out. I figure that I can pick up things here and there as I get more serious. I already owned a couple pairs of Sauconys that are still in pretty good condition so I'm wearing those for now. I did have to buy a new bra. I got this number from Moving Comfort and it is awesome. Best sports bra ever!

I also broke down and bought an armband for my phone yesterday. I have been running with my phone because I like to use it for music and I have the Nike+ app that tracks how far I run. I'm not ready to shell out the dough for a Garmin, yet. Normally I just stick it in my bra strap which is neither comfortable nor convenient. I noticed last night after my run that the flash light on my phone was flashing randomly so I turned it off and took off the back. Turns out that sweat had gotten into my phone because it was wet. I mildly panicked and took it all apart and let it sit inside a diaper all night. I figured the absorbency would help. It was fine this morning but I definitely need the armband so I don't have to sweat all over my phone again. I did have my own little PR last night, so I did my celebratory dance when I got back home. Check it out.
Not quite at a 5K yet, but I'm getting closer. Plus, I was able to run a longer time without having to stop to feel like I'm going to die walk so often. Woohoo! Slow and steady keeps it going.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

We went down to Joplin this past weekend to visit Jason's family. Had a pretty good visit, although I ate too much. I got one good run in and we went bowling, which is always a good time. Of course, you can't go bowling without beer so between that and the taco pizza from Casey's, I gained two pounds back. Blech.

So, it is back on the running trail for me this week. Or, as I like to call it, the street. I really should research to see if there are any running trails near my house. That would be really nice.

In other news, Happy Birthday Elsa! My darling girl turns 9 years old today. I tried to call her this morning, but missed her by a few minutes so I'll call again tonight. I have the girls this weekend so we are going to celebrate then. I think we are going to go to Crown Center to do a little shopping and hit Kaleidescope which the girls always enjoy and its free. Free crafting and entertainment? Please and thank you.

Not too much else going on so I'll leave you with some pics to ponder.

Miss Em with her cousin, Elizabeth. Easy to see who got all the hair in the family.

The bear was irresistible

Elsa and Paige having fun at Claire's

These next few are from our last trip to Crown Center. They have an interactive dinosaur exhibit that the girls had fun with.

I have such beautiful daughters.
And I'm totally not biased at all.

Friday, August 24, 2012

We have a Baxter sighting

Let's just get it out right now. I am a cat person. I have never been overly fond of dogs and have never had a desire to own one. My sister, Rachel (who is a lover of all animals) talked my mom into getting a golden lab puppy when we were in high school. I really hated that dog. He was very hard to train so he peed everywhere and he was extremely hyper. He didn't last long at our house. Besides that one incident, we always had cats when I was growing up. They always seemed to have kittens in my mom's closet, too.

We are currently the owners of one cat, Callie. She's not the loving, snugly type of cat either. She's actually kind of an asshole. She sheds constantly and likes to sleep in Emmeline's crib, which I am not a fan of. She tends to spend most of her time outside per her (scratching on the door) request. She does have her moments of sweetness, but most of the time she's only around to eat and sleep and throw up on the floor.

Recently, Jason's sister moved out of their parents' house into a new apartment and the apartment did not allow pets. She had a cat named Baxter who is the epitome of a scaredy cat. Seriously, this cat will run away from his own shadow. She had to find a new home for Baxter as he would not be allowed to stay at the house, for various reasons. Jason begrudgingly said that we would take him if she could not find anyone else. I was not a fan of this as I did not want another cat, I barely like the one we have now. Well, lo and behold, no one else was able to take this cat so we ended up with him. He was freaked out the entire 2 1/2 hour drive from Joplin to KC and pissed all over the car. When we got home, he streaked into the garage and straight behind the heater. This was at the beginning of July.

Since that time, he has basically been a ghost around our house as in invisible. I saw him once a few days after he arrived coming downstairs, but as soon as he saw me, he froze and then ran away again. I had not seen him at all since that time. I thought he might have escaped as our garage door is acting up and we accidentally left it up all day a few weeks ago.  Last night, I went downstairs to do some laundry and who do I see, but Baxter! He again froze and started making a growling/whining noise at me. I tried to crouch down to see if he would come to me, but he ran past me and got behind the heater again. Maybe I'll see him again in a couple of months.

I'm assuming he is getting enough to eat and drink as I am putting food and water out for him. I just don't him to die in some hidden place in the house and we don't find out until he starts to smell. Decomposing cat is not high on my list of air fresheners.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Family

So, I'm discovering that maintaining a blog is a lot harder than it sounds. You need to post regularly if you want people to read it! That being said, sorry about the delay, I've had a busy couple of weeks. Moving on...

This post is to provide all the sordid details into me and my family. Well, maybe not all, a girl's gotta have some mystery about her. Let's start with me, shall we? I am 38 years old, a Gemini and the oldest of 4 siblings. I work an 8-5 job at a large corporation, am divorced and have 5 daughters. I have a quirky sense of humor, love to laugh and quote movies. I love astrology, but try not to take it too seriously. I make friends pretty easily, but have a hard time maintaining friendships. Thank goodness for Facebook, because otherwise I would have no idea what was going on in other people's lives.

I met my ex-husband when we were in college and we dated for two years and got married in our senior year. Our oldest was born right away and then three more girls followed in the next 7 years. We had our ups and downs and always seemed to have money issues. We were always good friends and had a good time together, however in 2008 I became involved with another man and that led to our divorce the following year. Now, before you send me any hate letters, let me say that I in no way condone having extramarital affairs. I am simply explaining what happened in my life. It was not pretty and a LOT of shit went down. Everyone involved got hurt and it was so not the right way to go about it. However, I am not perfect and sometimes bad stuff happens. You just have to roll with it.

As a result of the divorce, my ex requested custody of our daughters. This was really hard for me, but he was eventually granted custody. He moved about an hour and a half away so that he could be close to his parents. It sucks to have them so far away, but it could be worse. My ex and I are now in a good place emotionally. We have forgiven each other and made peace which is always better when kids are concerned.

So, that guy that I left my husband for? We are still together and I love him now more than ever. His name is Jason and he is not someone that I would have seen myself with, but I think that makes it all the more perfect. He is an Aries and he is very stubborn and opinionated. He loves Metal and tattoos and me. Much to our surprise, we discovered I was pregnant shortly after my divorce was finalized. Not the best timing, but we rolled with it and our daughter was born in May 2010. The natural step you would assume would be for us to get married, but we really aren't in a huge hurry. He was actually in a bad marriage before he met me and is still terrified of the thought of getting married again. It will probably happen one of these years and when it does, it will be one hell of a party.

My family has dubbed my daughters, "The Pinks" as they are all pretty girly and we have gone through enough pink clothes to last a lifetime. Fortunately, they all have very different personalities and have developed their own likes and dislikes. I think pink is still on the list somewhere, though.

Hannah Rose is my oldest at 16 years old. She is very much the bossy older sister (she's a Taurus), however she is really growing into a beautiful young woman. She has a good heart and is a good friend. She is learning to drive and the thought of that scares the bejeezus out of me. She is also a budding photographer and has really discovered a talent for it.

Cordelia Grace is my sensitive soul. She is 12 and has always been rather shy and reserved. She has always been very loving and will be the first one to give hugs. She tends to get her feelings hurt easily and also at that awkward pre-teen age where everything is a big deal. She is my July baby and a Cancer.

Paige Nanette is my artist. She is 10 and it is rare that I don't see this girl with a pen and paper in her hand. She is my fellow Gemini and I fully expect to go to one of her Gallery showings in the next few years. She constantly amazes me with her talent. Even being the middle child, she has no chance of being left out. She has a bubbly personality and instantly engages everyone she meets.

Elsa Ruth is almost 9 and she was my first baby. She is a budding gymnast and is always doing backbends and cartwheels around the house. She is also the neatest of the girls and like to have her things in a very precise way (Virgo). Don't cross her though or she will lash out. She is very reserved around new people, but once she gets to know you, she'll talk your ear off.

Emmeline Marlena is my final baby. She is two years old and is becoming very much her own little person. She is actually very much like Hannah was when she was young (another Taurus). She actually has a unique position of being an only child and having older sisters. She gets so excited when they are visiting, though, they don't always do things "her way".

So, there you have it, my modern family. My life is pretty much an open book so if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

I need some walking shoes

I need walking shoes, not running shoes (although I need those too), but good shoes to walk in. I work in an office where the dress code is business casual except on Fridays when we can where jeans. Athletic shoes, however are not permitted on any day. I happen to be lucky enough to have an office in a great location where there is a lot of room and sidewalks to walk on my breaks. Now, I could bring my tennis shoes every day and just change into them for my walk. The problem with that is that I absolutely hate the way tennis shoes look with dress clothes. It irritates me to no end and I can't bring myself to do it. I have issues, I know. I've tried walking in my flats (on days that I wore them to work), but most just aren't supportive enough. Flip-flops are another option, but again no support and I've discovered that they can give me really bad back pain.

Side note, I took my girls, A.K.A. "The Pinks" as dubbed by my family, shopping last Saturday around an outdoor mall near our house. I wore my cheapo Old Navy flip-flops because I have a pair in every color and by the end of the day, my feet and my back hurt. Apparently, I am getting old enough to require shoes with foot support at all times. Ugh.

Back to my dilemma, I actually dug my old Birkenstocks out of the closet and wore those on my walk today. Yes, I've had them since college in the 90's. Don't judge me. They were actually pretty comfortable to walk in and no back pain. Win! I'm still looking around, though. I found this shoe and this one on Amazon, but I'm still debating. It is so tough to be stylish and comfortable!

Any tips or suggestions of shoes that you like?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with Running

I have never been a runner. Ever. When I was in junior high and high school, I used to dread the days when we had to run the mile. I was always one of the last to finish and was huffing and puffing and wheezing the entire time. Horrible. I never wanted to be a runner and I didn't understand why other people "ran for fun". When I have chosen to work out, my preference has always been to do circuit training or weight training. I feel that I can better master those and they are easier for me.

Now, as I have started on this weight loss journey, I understand that the best way to lose weight is by doing cardio. This is difficult for me and it is a mind over matter issue. I always tend to quit things that I start. So, after all these years, I have decided that I should become a runner. Crazy, I know. I printed off a Couch to 5K program guide and put it on my fridge and I have actually started to get my butt outside and run. It has not been easy, but I am really proud of myself. 

I am mainly just running in intervals as I don't feel that I have the stamina yet to run for long periods of time (again, mind over matter), but I am getting better. It doesn't help that my neighborhood is very hilly and going up the hills are killer, but I can run for a longer distance than I could when I started. It is all about progress. Slow and steady wins the race. I have been thinking about possibly signing up for a 5K to run in the next year so I have a goal to strive for. We'll see how that goes. My next plan of action is to get some new running shoes and a really good sports bra. I wouldn't want to put an eye out. ;)