Friday, September 28, 2012

The House of Unfinished Projects

You know how they have those shows on HGTV where the host surprises someone at Home Depot and follows them back to their house to do a free makeover? I'm pretty sure that those are never filmed in the Midwest. We pretty much get the shaft, which is unfortunate because having someone make over my house or even a room or two would be fantabulous.

The house that we currently live in was purchased by Jason and his ex-wife which he then got in the divorce. Needless to say, I do not particularly care for this house, but with the markets being what they are we won't be moving any time soon. The house is what you call a row house meaning a group of 7 or 8 houses all attached side by side. They are actually quite picturesque from the front, but were built back in the 60's meaning that they come with their own set of problems. I'll have to get a picture of the front of our house later today. It has been dark and gloomy when I've left the house every day this week.

Jason is always thinking and has a million and one grand plans. That being said, he loves to start projects but finishing them is always delayed somehow. After he moved into the house, he ripped up the carpet and put in wood flooring. That did get finished and it looks great, however, the baseboards never got put back on the walls. You never know how much you miss baseboards or trim (if you prefer) until you don't have them.
Another project that got started before I moved in was on the walls between the living room and dining room. It is basically a long open space and there used to be wood poles on either side of the divide. Like I said, built in the 60's. Anyhoo, Jason ended put up some sheet rock/drywall to cover up said poles and create a divider for the two rooms. The project got derailed at some point and so the mudding of the walls and subsequent sanding and painting has never been completed.
Ignore the messy living room on the left
Moving on... One day he got a wild hair up his butt to refinish the kitchen cabinets. He removed all the doors and took them downstairs to the basement/garage (its like a two-fer) and there they sit to this day. That was two years ago. I really don't mind the doorless look on the upper cabinets, but I would prefer to have doors on the lower ones, especially under the sink.
Try not to be jealous of my aged and peeling cabinet liners
Last, but certainly not least is his latest shower remodel. He noticed that some of the grout was missing from between the tiles in our shower. Worried about the wall getting we and potential mold growth, he had his dad come up to help him remove some of the tiles and replace them. Unfortunately, once they started the removal, they noticed that there was already mold on the wall behind the tiles. Turns out that the builder had used drywall instead of sheet rock to avoid moisture. They ended up tearing out all the tile and the subsequent walls. We now will need to replace the walls and either re-tile or buy a pre-made shower insert. I'm leaning towards the insert because it seems easier and I have now been without a shower in the master bathroom for four months.
There is a shower in the other bathroom which is a shower tub/combo, but that one has its own issues. The faucet is a perpetual leaker and it is getting progressively worse. What started out as a small trickle is now a constant stream of water coming out of the faucet and it is wreaking havoc on the water bill. The cat loves it because she uses it as her own personal water fountain. She has issues with drinking water out of a bowl, apparently. Further proof that my cat is an asshole.

Please disregard the ring around the bathtub. Emmeline likes to roll around in dirt at daycare.
This is what the water looks like when the faucet is completely off.
Help is on the way! Jason's brother is driving up today to help work on the leaky bathtub. He has previous work experience with plumbing and I am all about free labor. I also need to get him to fix our garage door which will not close all the way unless you hold the button down completely until it is closed.

I love my darling boyfriend more than anything, but he is no longer allowed to start a home project until these are done. So, if anyone is close personal friends with Holmes on Homes or is super handy around the house, let me know. I will cook you dinner, buy you alcohol, as long as you work cheap you are welcome in my home, unfinished as it may be.

Any fun projects that you have started recently?


  1. You poor thing! I think we have the same boyfriend! LOL Let me know how you get him to finish those because I am totally going to copy you!

    1. Will do! I found out that his brother just got to our house so it looks like we are doing take-out for dinner. It is going to be a little hard to cook if they turn off the water. Way to be on time, buddy.

  2. I feel you on the house projects. At least you have some help coming. I love base trim, so I hope you get the rest soon. :)

  3. Ohhhhh heck no! I'd be doing my own 'fixing', I hate half finished projects, I'd be slapping some baseboards and pink paint all over the house, ha!