Friday, November 30, 2012

New Month, New Challenges

Okay, so it isn't quite December yet so just go with me here. My November challenge was Pile on the Miles and while I didn't reach my goal of 60 miles run, I have run a total of 33 miles so far, plus whatever I get in today and tomorrow. I am proud of that number because that is more than I have ever run in my life. I consider this a win!

For December, I am going to link up with fatchicktofitchick for a planking challenge. My best plank is 30 seconds (on my forearms) but I would love to extend that to 1 or 2 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?


Have you heard about the challenge that Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer is hosting? You put in $20 and bet that you will lose 4% of your body weight in one month. Whoever succeeds will get to split the pot! It is up to $600 now and I am super confident that I can lose 6 pounds this month. If you want to join up, you have until December 5th.

I will be driving to St. Louis today to meet up with the STL Bloggers. I am so excited to meet a great group of women and to have a fun girls' night out. Coincidentally, I will get to meet Courtney. If you don't follow me on Instagram, you totally should. I'm sure I'll be blowing up up with all kinds of pics.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday via pictures

I have no exciting celebrity stories to share other than meeting Pioneer Woman so instead today I thought I'd throw a few pictures at you of me from the past few years. Looking back at these pictures, I was about 175-180 in most of them and let me tell you, I was in huge denial about how big I was. What I saw in the mirror was not the same as what was captured on film. Also, a lot of these pictures feature my siblings as well. Turns out that I only take pictures when the whole family gets together. To give you a rundown, my sister Rachel is 2 years younger (and 2 inches taller) than me. My sister Angie is 6 years younger (and always skinny). My brother Ryan is the baby of the family.

July 2008
This was just after our grandmother's funeral.

May 2008
This was just after our mom's funeral. Rough year.

September 2008

February 2009

September 2009
My cousin April is between Angie and I

April 2010
I was about 40 months pregnant at this time.

July 2010
Emmeline was about 2 months old

September 2010

February 2012
Angie was 8 months pregnant in this picture, but I still look bigger than her.

March 2012
Notice me trying to hold on to Emmeline as she screams.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down fat memory lane. Oh and if the shirt from picture 3 looks familiar, it is because I was wearing it yesterday when I posted this picture. Like I said, I never get rid of my clothes.
Quite a difference

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

I feel like my weigh-in posts are a little boring, but I gotta keep it up to keep myself accountable. I'm still part of a competition and I'm going to go after it for all it's worth. So without further ado, my weight for this week was:
I am so close to the 140's I can practically taste it! I had been getting discouraged with my weight loss the past couple of weeks because it was not moving at all. I decided to try the 3 Day Military diet. Some other FitCampers had been having success with it so I wanted to see if it would jump start my weight loss back up. There was some discussion regarding the lower calorie intake on a daily basis, but it is not in any way suggested for a long term diet. The food is a mixture of meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy so it isn't outrageous by any means. Anyhoo, I am starting day 3 so we'll see where I end up tomorrow. I am not expecting to lose 10 lbs, but 5 or 6 would be fantastic. Like I said, I just wanted this as a kickstart back to my weight loss.

But what about Paleo, you may be asking yourself. Paleo for me is not gone forever. After tomorrow, I will still be eating a modified form of Paleo or Primal. I really rarely eat bread or anything sugary anymore. My body just doesn't miss it. I am perfectly happy to stuff myself on meat and vegetables. Mmm, meat.

I had a little Non Scale Victory today too. First off, i stayed home and am just "working" from home today. I wasn't feeling going into the office. So, when I got up and weighed myself, I was so happy with the number that I took a picture of myself in sexy lingerie and sent it to Jason. I haven't been confident enough with my body to that ever. Secondly, I had a pair of size 8 jeans hiding in the back of my closet so I pulled them out and tried them on, just for shits and giggles. To my surprise, they fit! I couldn't believe it. I have not worn a size 8 since before Cordie was born and she's 12. Cue my happy dance.

Perhaps my best news of all is that in just two short days, I will be driving to St. Louis to meet a bunch of wonderful STL Bloggers. Holly has graciously offered to put me up for the night and can I tell you that I cannot wait to meet her and Melanie! Girls' night out with a bunch of blogging women - I'm going to pee myself with all the excitement.

Anyone else have grand plans for this weekend? Anyone else not started their Christmas shopping like me?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Shiz

I don't really have a whole lot going on today so prepare yourselves for a lot of randomness.
My foray into selling my clothes at Ditto was an utter failure. I brought in two bags of clothes and they bought two items. Ironically, these were both items that I had purchased there before. I guess Goodwill will be the lucky recipient of my castoffs. I'll take my $7 and go buy some lottery tickets.

Have you seen that the Powerball is up to $425 million? That is just a crazy amount of money. I wouldn't even know what to do with that much. Oh wait, yes I do. Pay off all debt, buy a new house and car, set up college funds for all the girls, make sure that my family was well taken care of and TRAVEL.

I would still need to have some sort of job or something to occupy my time, though. I am not cut out to be a SAHM. Boredom would set in and I would gain back all my weight plus an extra 50 lbs. It wouldn't be pretty.

Speaking of not pretty, Hannah and I were playing a game Sunday afternoon when she told me to look up so she could take a picture of me. (Same girl who will hide from any camera pointed at her). Of course, I flash her my best sexy beast look. She then proceeds to use her auto caption app to load a caption to this awesome picture. This is what she ended up with:

I seriously laughed at this for 10 minutes straight. I had tears coming down my face. I guess all you need is your 16 year old daughter to take you down a peg for the world to make sense again. Or your 9 year old daughter to throw a hissy fit about not getting candy in the grocery store. Consider me humbled, lest I ever start to think that I am the shit again.

Why yes, she is drawing on my tablecloth

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Trot Recap and Thanksgiving

Happy Monday everyone! Back to work after a long weekend is no bueno, but bills have to be paid. So, on to my weekend recap which I know you're dying to read.

Wednesday night, we headed down to Joplin. We stayed at Jason's Nana's house as she was out of town visiting some other relatives. Sleeping in the big king size bed was so nice even though Emmeline ended up sleeping with us and she is a huge bed hog. We woke up Thursday morning (bright and early) to find her in the middle of the bed and Jason and I scooted over to one side. We got up and got ready for our Turkey Trot 5K and headed out to downtown Joplin where the race was being held. The downtown area was not hit by the tornado last year, in case you were wondering.

Love, love, love my new REI pants

Tron shoes, anyone?

There were quite a few people there, it turned out to be a great event. There was a 5K and then a 1 mile fun run/walk. Jason and I lined up at the back of the pack as we were not trying to break any records there. I started off at a good even pace, pretty slow, but I knew that I would just wear myself out if I went any faster. I did not run the full race as I had wanted to, but that was okay. I ran as much as I felt I could. After the halfway point, I was keeping pace with a couple of other women and we were alternately running and walking. As I was behind one of them, it struck me how similar she was to my mom in build and hair color when my mom was younger. This, of course, made me start crying when I thought of how proud I was of myself for doing this and how proud I felt she would be of me. This gave me the push to keep going and as I rounded the last corner I started running again and didn't stop until the finish. I have not received my "official" time yet, but I believe it was at 42 minutes. PR! Definitely a better pace than my first 5K.

Bad picture of all the people in front of me
 Jason had fallen behind and was walking more than I was due to shin splints acting up, but he persevered and finished with a 52 minute time. I am so proud of him for finishing since he really has not done much training up to this point. We got some water and coffee and bananas that they were handing out (I passed on the doughnuts thankyouverymuch) and headed back to Nana's to get cleaned up.
Home stretch
We went over to Jason's mom's house as we were going to have dinner there. (I really should just call her my MIL for convenience sake). I helped out with dinner by making Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potatoes, although I only used about half the sugar that the recipe called for. They were still delicious. Dinner was really good as was the wine. After dinner, the little ones went down for a nap and the big kids went outside to play catch. We alternated baseball and football and I only got hit in the boob once, so I'm calling it a win.

Friday morning we met Jason's dad and siblings for breakfast at IHOP and even though I wanted pancakes, I stuck with an omelet (go me). This is the first major holiday since his parents divorce was finalized that we were there for and it was quiet, but still nice to see everyone.

I did not participate in any Black Friday madness as that scene is just not for me. Cyber Monday is much more my style. Now, if that winning lottery ticket would land in my lap, I would be all set.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This plateau can eat my ass

No fancy scale picture for you this week. I gained a pound and I'm rather pissed about it. Obviously, I need to change things up since I have been the same weight for two weeks now. I have been consistent with running, 4-5 times per week, but I need to start more strength training. My restart of Jillian's 30DS lasted about a week before I quit again. However, Megan and Leigh Ann have posted awesome videos of some of the workouts they do so I'm going to try and keep up with them. Plus, I just read what Melanie does to workout and that girl can kick some ass.

I have strayed from Paleo eating lately, but I have not gone crazy eating sugar and white bread. It has been things like oatmeal and brown rice, so I don't feel too bad about it. The worst thing I've eaten has been two slices of Pizza Hut pizza that someone brought into a meeting on Monday. Obviously, I can't turn down free pizza. Plus, it was supreme so it had veggies and thin crust. Last night I didn't really feel like cooking (which really isn't different from any other night) so I heated up some leftover chili that we had in the freezer. I even cut up an avocado to mix in and it was good. Unfortunately, I did not feel good after eating it and had a major tummy ache.

Warning: TMI coming. Prepare yourself.
Most people after eating chili would just go to the bathroom and "get rid of it". Not me, though. I swear I have the worst digestive system ever. I can go for 2-3 days without a BM. (You were warned). Last night, I sat on the toilet for so long that my legs went to sleep. It is so frustrating to know that you need to go to the bathroom and then you get there and nothing happens. I just finished re-reading the 7th Harry Potter book on the toilet. (Don't judge). I'm thinking about doing one of those colon cleanses. That sounds like a fun weekend project, especially after Thanksgiving. Nothing like cleaning three pounds of shit from your bowels.

Moving on... being the best girlfriend ever, I let Jason listen to his new Between the Buried and Me cd on the way to work this morning. In case you aren't familiar, this band is considered Progressive Metal. Jason could explain all the nuances of the different types of metal, but I'll spare you. This cd was not too bad. They still had some of the screaming lyrics that I really don't care for, but they also had some clean lyrics mixed in. Jason still thinks that he is going to win me over to become a metal fan, but I just don't see it happening.

We are driving down to Joplin tonight to prepare for Thanksgiving at Jason's mom's house. Plus, we will be running in the Joplin Turkey Trot 5K tomorrow morning! I'm excited for my second 5K and very happy that Jason will be running it with me. My new REI compression pants came in the mail yesterday and they look and feel awesome on. I figure that I should at least look good while doing this thing, right?

I'll leave you with my outfit of the day. I feel like I look pretty good in this despite being super bloated.
Those bathroom pics just never get old.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Trot Linkup


Good morning! I am linking up today with Holly and Erin for a Thanksgiving themed link party. I decided to try my hand at another vlog so I hope you enjoy.

I realize that I had my phone up too high so I kind of have this disembodied head at times. Oh, and I love where I lose my train of thought and space off for a few seconds.Pretty true to everyday life, I should say.

I would also like to take a moment to say goodbye to my great-aunt, Cricket. She passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 94. Her real name was Olivia, but she got the nickname Cricket when she was young and it stuck her whole life. Goodbye, you feisty old lady. You will be missed.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend happenings

Back to Monday, that most dreaded day of the week. There was a "restacking" of people's desks at work this past week and everyone was officially moved over the weekend. We had to be all packed up on Friday. My team actually moved up a floor so we are on the 4th floor of the building now. Not too bad, just a change, and something new to get used to.

This weekend was pretty laid back. I picked up Hannah Friday night since I had to take her in for a follow up eye doctor visit for her new contacts. She has been doing great with them and is so excited that she can actually see now. We strolled around Old Navy after her eye appt. Saturday morning and I stumbled upon some super deals. They had pairs of compression running capris in pink and blue for $7.49 each, plus everything in the store was buy one, get the next thing half off. I also found two tank tops in the clearance section for $1 and $2 respectively. So, I got 4 items for under $15. Score!
Hannah did let me get a picture of her (shocker), but it didn't turn out very well so I didn't post it to Instagram. I'll share it here, though because I'm just that nice.

At least one of us had a shower
Emmeline has still been coughing at night, so when I found this on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Put Vicks VapoRub on your child's feet and then put socks on. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all. She coughed as much as she had without the Vicks. My mother's tried and true remedy of soaking a washcloth in vinegar and laying it on their pillow worked like a charm, though. Serves me right for trying out a new "fancy" idea.

I did get outside for some running this weekend and was very disappointed with myself. Running outside is so much harder than it is on the treadmill, plus the hills in my neighborhood didn't do me any favors. I couldn't even make it 2 miles yesterday. To make matters worse, I feel like I have shin splints in my right shin. This does not bode well for my 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I'm trying to decide if I should rest my leg or just go ahead and get my run in for the day. I'm leaning towards running.

Okay, this post basically took me all day to write since I had back to back meetings all day and actually had to work. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Friday, November 16, 2012


If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this picture but just act surprised, mmkay?

I ran for 3.35 miles without stopping! And I felt good while doing it. I had only planned to run 3.1, but I hit that and just kept going. This was a huge accomplishment for me and I am so proud of myself. I feel really ready for our Turkey Day 5K now. This song came on at about 2 miles and really helped push me through. I flipping love The Fratellis.

Jason got a $20 off coupon to REI (his favorite store) in the mail yesterday and secured his "best boyfriend ever" status by getting me a pair of new running capris. How sweet is he? He even paid for expedited shipping so they would be delivered before Thursday.

Source - REI
The treadmill is still acting up so it is preventing him from running as much as he wants to. I know it pisses him off and it frustrates me as well. I almost feel guilty that I'm able to use it, but he can't. Some good news is that I think I have talked him into writing a guest post for me. Yippee! So hopefully, that will be coming in the next week or so.

Baby girl is still sick today. Her fever came back last night so she is home with Daddy again today. I'm hoping that she can rest up all weekend and get better. She seems to have some bronchial thing and I really don't want to take a trip to Urgent Care.

Anyone travelling to Tulsa this weekend to cheer on Mama Laughlin?

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Have you ever googled your own name just to see what comes up? I have a rather unusual last name and because I'm a narcissist I like to see if I'm famous yet what's out there on the web. There are a few other women with my same name, but mostly I get my Twitter or Pinterest links. No big deal. This morning I  found this fantastic picture of Emmeline that I had submitted to an online picture contest last year. You know those annoying contests that people try to get you to go out and vote for their kid? Yep, guilty. How could you not vote for this picture, though?
This was at her second 1st birthday party (at Grandma and Grandpa's house) and I guess she was tired of all the pictures I was taking. I love this picture, it never fails to make me smile.

Daycare germs have struck again as little missy has been sick this week. She stayed home on Tuesday with a fever and has just had a cough and congestion the past couple of days. She has that sexy smoker's voice which is weird on a 2 year old.

 I got my run on yesterday and managed to run a full 3.1 miles! I did have to pause after 2 miles to walk for a bit, but I paused my Nike+ app and didn't count that towards my overall running time. Overall time was 37:13 which I am super proud of. Something that bothers me though is that my running app is faster than the treadmill time, so I don't know which one to trust. Obviously, I want to have the faster time, but I really just want to make sure I'm training the right amount. Frustrating.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Wednesday and that means...

Time for another weigh-in. Blerg. Can't get excited about this one as I didn't lose any weight, but I kind of expected that.
Jason and I had a long talk on Sunday about our eating plan. Neither one of us is really happy about how difficult it is to eat the Paleo way. He struggles with it a lot more than I do because he has never been a lover of vegetables or salads. Serious carboholic, that one. Anyway, we discussed the fact that it really isn't enjoyable to eat anymore. Most of the time we are all, "What do you want to have for dinner? I don't know, what do you want to have?" until one of us comes us with a idea. Planning does not come naturally to me and neither does coming up with things on the fly.

Long story short (too late) is that we are going to keep eating Paleo, but do it more on a 85/15 basis instead of 100% all the time. That gives us a little break and a way to "cheat" without completely sabotaging ourselves. I am going to start looking for a really good Paleo cookbook to put on my Christmas list. There are lots of great resources online, but I still like being able to look up a recipe in an actual book.

We did finally get the Costco membership we've been talking about for two years and had our first Costco shopping trip. That was an experience. I'm going to have to get used to the idea of buying things in bulk. I really don't need 5 tubes of toothpaste! Also, did you know that Costco sells wedding dresses? Tres chic, but who knows if I'm ever getting married again. And, I'm okay with that. Although the idea of running off to Vegas to get married and then coming back and having a huge kick-ass party really appeals to me. Is it wrong to get married just to have the reception? If it is, then I don't want to be right.

Well, I managed to veer off into some weird territory there. I'm working from home today so I don't have anyone else to talk to which results in less of a filter on my inner thoughts. You're welcome. The good news is that I can actually go for a run on my lunch break. I slacked last night because I wasn't feeling good and I still need to get my runs in. Gotta get prepped for my 2nd 5k which will be on Thanksgiving morning. I'm determined to run the entire thing this time. With that, I'll leave you with this little gem I dug out of a drawer this weekend. It was actually the ex's shirt from college. The nickname came from me for a couple different reasons. ;)

Apropos, no?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I need a personal shopper

...and a winning lottery ticket. I am having a clothing crisis in which I pretty much dislike everything I own. I believe I've mentioned before that I don't shop for myself very often and I tend to never get rid of anything. This results in a very full closet of outdated and (now) ill-fitting clothes. The majority of my dress pants are too big for me and I am not a baggy clothes wearer. I like my clothes to fit close to the body. Why? Probably because I'm a showoff with a super-ego.

Unfortunately, new clothes are not in the current budget, so no shopping sprees for me. We do have a clothes shop called Ditto or there's also Plato's Closet where they will buy clothes from you. I need to try and round up some items to see if I can sell them. Granted, they are normally looking for higher end brands of clothes that are still fairly recent so I don't know how much I'll be able to actually get money for. My 5 year old Old Navy jeans probably aren't going to cut it. I guess whatever I don't sell, I can always donate to Goodwill. I've actually heard that there are some great finds to be had at Goodwill.

I will be driving to St. Louis the last weekend in November to meet up with some STL bloggers. I'm super excited to meet Holly and Melanie, but also some new friends as well. So of course, I have to look cute. I would hate to meet all these great people while looking like a reject from 2002 who just schlepped over the state.

New goal for the week: to get rid of some old clothes that I can't wear anymore and find some cute new stuff for cheap. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and if anyone wants to take me shopping and buy me stuff, I am up for anything.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Missouri Weather

Ever heard this one? "You know you're from Missouri if you've ever used your heater and A/C in the same day". That pretty much sums up this weekend in a nutshell. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous, so we packed up the girls and headed over to the nature trail. Yes, I realize I've been there every weekend for the past three weeks, but it really is a great trail. Plus, it is a great workout. Jason decided to run it so he took off and the other girls and I had a nice walk.

This was at at high point, although the picture doesn't do the hill justice.

Emmeline did great and had lots of fun picking up leaves and rocks. She even walked a majority of the time. However, about 3/4 of the way through, she sat down on a stump and refused to get up. Hannah and I traded off carrying her the rest of the way back. I think the girls had a good time and it was a great way to get out of the house and get some exercise.

Carrying a 30lb toddler down a trail while avoiding perilous rocks and tree roots is quite the workout. Considering that I have lost 25 pounds, it made me wonder how I carried all that on my body for years.

We woke up Sunday morning and the weather had done a complete 180. It was 30 degrees and raining/sleeting. Great day to spend in your jammies... or not. I got dressed and took Hannah to LensCrafters so she could get some contacts. Girl never wears her glasses and I know she can't see and it drives me insane. She said she wanted contacts and I had some HSA money I needed to burn through so off we went. The nurses were all impressed with how well she took to them. Since she was a first-time user, they had to do a little training session and she had to successfully put them in and take them out twice. She was a pro, naturally. I didn't get any pictures though, because getting Hannah to let me take a picture of her takes nearly an act of God. If she doesn't look perfect, the picture isn't happening.

Jason scored major points yesterday because he did all the laundry that had been piling up. He even folded it and put it away! My hero. We made the decision to have a cheat meal last night of pizza and it was pretty good. Not great, but good enough to make the cheat worth it. Yesterday was also a rest day for me for workouts so it is back to the treadmill tonight. I gotta get those runs in for my Pile on the Miles challenge. I gave myself a goal of 60 miles for the month. Don't know if I'm going to hit that, but I want to at least get close!

Anyone else experience the neurotic weather this weekend?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday and 30DS Update

 Here is my weight as of this morning and do you know what this means? I've hit the 25 lb loss mark!

I'm a little late on the 30 Day Shred update considering it ended, oh, a week ago. Plus, I kind of quit on Jillian half way through the month. I'm still going to post my results. In case you forgot, here are my beginning stats and pictures.
My before pics and stats as of 9/30/2012. I am 5'4".
Weight - 165
Waist - 41"
Hips - 41"
Bust - 40"
Thigh - 22"
Arm - 10"

So, here are my stats and pictures as of 11/4/12:
Weight - 157.2
Waist - 34"
Hips - 40"
Bust - 38 1/2"
Thigh - 20"
Arm - 10 1/2"

I'm not sure how my arm got bigger, but overall I'm very pleased with the inches I lost. Since I quit on Jillian in October, I've decided to give her another try in November. I want to do the Shred every day this month (which was derailed this morning because the alarm didn't go off) and I want to run every day. I'm still working towards my Pile On the Miles goal of 60 miles run in the month of November. Not sure if I'll make it, but I want to get close. Plus Jason got this kooky idea to sign up for a 5K on the morning of Thanksgiving. I definitely want to run the whole thing and not walk like I had to on the Trail Run.

I am really proud of Jason for starting to exercise and get healthy. He completely gave up soda which was a huge deal for him. However, our treadmill is starting to act up and it is causing trouble. For some reason, I can run fine on it, but when he gets on, the belt stops or just refuses to turn. It is very frustrating and I know he is pissed about it especially because he has set this goal for himself and absolutely HATES to fail. He could run outside, but it would have to be in the dark and that's no fun. Anyway, if anyone knows how to repair an old Nordic Track, let me know!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Race Recap and Weekend Happenings

Saturday morning I ran my very first 5K with my beautiful sister, Rachel and it was TOUGH. I managed to pick one with an extremely difficult terrain for my first race. Go me. Remember when I did my test run and I thought that the huge hill would not be part of the race? Yeah that was wrong. It was the start of the second mile. The first mile started out pretty good. It was relatively level, but I psyched myself out a little bit and let myself walk part of it. Rachel got ahead of me when I started doing that. Then hit the second mile and it was basically straight uphill and it was killer. I really struggled with that and was sucking wind by the time I got to the top. It then looped around a road so I was able to get my breathing back in check and then the third mile was all downhill. I tried to run the majority of the third mile, but it was very rocky and perilous in some places, so I had to take it easy. I was so happy to see the 3 mile marker though and pulled it out to the finish line.

I did not make it under my goal of 45 minutes, I think my official time was 56 minutes. I made it in under an hour and I wasn't the last one so that made me happy. Best of all, I finished the whole thing and didn't quit. Rachel was already talking about getting signed up for our next race. I think we are going to try the Warrior Dash next spring. That looks like a lot of fun. Jason said that he even wanted to get in on the fun as he has just started running again. Lo and behold, he found a Turkey Trot 5K in Joplin on Thanksgiving morning and got us signed up. Fortunately, this one is on a level road so I should actually be able to run the whole thing. I have also signed up for Pile on the Miles 2012 so it is a great excuse to get my runs in instead of slacking off.

 We got back from the race and I had just enough time to take a quick shower before heading down to the plaza with Jason's mom, Cheryl. She had driven up from Joplin to watch the race, but she had also purchased tickets to go to a book signing by The Pioneer Woman. She has just released a new children's book and is doing a book tour for it. We got there just as her town car was arriving so we actually got to see her in person as she got out of the car. (Squee!) The event was being hosted by Rainy Day Books and was really organized very well. The president came up and gave a little introduction and "what to expect" and then Ree came out and did a little presentation with a slide show about her background and how she started blogging which led to photography which led to her books and cooking show. She was very personable and funny.

Once that was over, they started calling up people up to get their books signed. You got a copy of her new book with the ticket admission, but they were also selling her other books there as well. We had quite a wait since they were going by ticket numbers and we were in the 150's, but there were over 300 people that had showed up. We finally got in line and there was a prep person taking down dedication names on a sticky note (who you wanted the signature made out to). I had her write down all 5 girls' names. When I finally got up there, both Ree and the facilitator told me that I looked way too young to have five daughters. She then told me that she loved the girls' names and that I had the naming thing down. TeeHee!

All in all, it was really a great experience and I have to send a huge thank you to Cheryl for buying the tickets and going with me. I had a great time.

Have you ever had the chance to meet anyone famous? What were the circumstances?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fab Friday

I'm doing a linkup today with Laura via Holly because I think linkups are a lot of fun and a good way to visit other blogs you may not have read before. So, even though I'm not feeling very fab today, here you go.

Today is my little sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Angie!

My very first 5K is tomorrow! I am rather nervous about it and I don't know that I am prepared, but I'm just going to go out and run or walk my little heart out. My goal is to complete it in less than 45 minutes. I really don't want to be the last one across the finish line.

I managed to avoid all Halloween candy this week. It helps when you don't buy any but Emmeline did bring home some from daycare and I didn't touch one piece. Of course, I did drink half a bottle of wine on Wednesday night, but studies have shown that red wine is actually beneficial, right? I'm going with that.

The spooky tree on the label sold me.

I got to see all of my girls last night (I'll get to why in a different post). I miss them so much when I only see them every other weekend so this was a little bonus in the middle of my week.

Last, but not least, I'm going to see The Pioneer Woman on Saturday! She is going to be in KC doing a book signing of her new children's book and Jason's mom bought tickets. I love her blog and recipes, although I can't eat a lot of her tasty food right now so I'm very excited to meet her.

That's about the end of my fabulousness. I'll save the not so fab stuff for another post.

Have a great weekend everyone! Any fun plans?