Thursday, November 15, 2012


Have you ever googled your own name just to see what comes up? I have a rather unusual last name and because I'm a narcissist I like to see if I'm famous yet what's out there on the web. There are a few other women with my same name, but mostly I get my Twitter or Pinterest links. No big deal. This morning I  found this fantastic picture of Emmeline that I had submitted to an online picture contest last year. You know those annoying contests that people try to get you to go out and vote for their kid? Yep, guilty. How could you not vote for this picture, though?
This was at her second 1st birthday party (at Grandma and Grandpa's house) and I guess she was tired of all the pictures I was taking. I love this picture, it never fails to make me smile.

Daycare germs have struck again as little missy has been sick this week. She stayed home on Tuesday with a fever and has just had a cough and congestion the past couple of days. She has that sexy smoker's voice which is weird on a 2 year old.

 I got my run on yesterday and managed to run a full 3.1 miles! I did have to pause after 2 miles to walk for a bit, but I paused my Nike+ app and didn't count that towards my overall running time. Overall time was 37:13 which I am super proud of. Something that bothers me though is that my running app is faster than the treadmill time, so I don't know which one to trust. Obviously, I want to have the faster time, but I really just want to make sure I'm training the right amount. Frustrating.


  1. YAY for your run. I have googled myself and then immediately regretted it - LOL. Wes is acting "off" too - the winter daycare germs have arrived - BOO:(

  2. Hey there! Just found your blog. What a cute little grumpers you've got there!

    I looove big families, so I look forward to reading all about yours. :)

  3. In my experience my garmin is the most reliable, the treadmill equally so or second and when I used the nike+ it was less so. It was like .05/mi off though, so not horrible. Hope that helps!

  4. Hope she feels better soon! I would google myself but with a name like Kim SMith I am pretty much undetectable.

  5. bahahahaha. Funniest, cutiest picture ever. Adore this, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo