Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend happenings

Back to Monday, that most dreaded day of the week. There was a "restacking" of people's desks at work this past week and everyone was officially moved over the weekend. We had to be all packed up on Friday. My team actually moved up a floor so we are on the 4th floor of the building now. Not too bad, just a change, and something new to get used to.

This weekend was pretty laid back. I picked up Hannah Friday night since I had to take her in for a follow up eye doctor visit for her new contacts. She has been doing great with them and is so excited that she can actually see now. We strolled around Old Navy after her eye appt. Saturday morning and I stumbled upon some super deals. They had pairs of compression running capris in pink and blue for $7.49 each, plus everything in the store was buy one, get the next thing half off. I also found two tank tops in the clearance section for $1 and $2 respectively. So, I got 4 items for under $15. Score!
Hannah did let me get a picture of her (shocker), but it didn't turn out very well so I didn't post it to Instagram. I'll share it here, though because I'm just that nice.

At least one of us had a shower
Emmeline has still been coughing at night, so when I found this on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Put Vicks VapoRub on your child's feet and then put socks on. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all. She coughed as much as she had without the Vicks. My mother's tried and true remedy of soaking a washcloth in vinegar and laying it on their pillow worked like a charm, though. Serves me right for trying out a new "fancy" idea.

I did get outside for some running this weekend and was very disappointed with myself. Running outside is so much harder than it is on the treadmill, plus the hills in my neighborhood didn't do me any favors. I couldn't even make it 2 miles yesterday. To make matters worse, I feel like I have shin splints in my right shin. This does not bode well for my 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I'm trying to decide if I should rest my leg or just go ahead and get my run in for the day. I'm leaning towards running.

Okay, this post basically took me all day to write since I had back to back meetings all day and actually had to work. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. Here's to Tuesday! Hope E feels better'n I've never heard of the vinegar thing- does it stink?

  2. It could have just been a bad run...we all have those!