Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas trip #1: Complete

Our first round of Holiday Fun actually went pretty well this past weekend. I picked up the girls on Thursday night to try and minimize the amount of driving on Friday. I worked a half day on Friday and actually got taken out to lunch with a group of people by one of our vendors. I had a delicious Ahi Tuna Salad and totally cleaned my plate.

Anyway, once I got home, we got the car packed up and headed out for our four hour trip across Missouri. The trip went really smoothly and we only had to stop once for a potty break. Can I just say again that built-in DVD players in vehicles is the BEST INVENTION EVER.

My parents' house is actually in a very rural area and the road out there is quite treacherous. We made it okay even though their driveway was a sheet of ice. My sister and brother-in-law, who had driven down from Chicago, managed to get stuck on the driveway and Dad and Jason had to go out and help rescue their car.

Emmeline, Paige and my nephew Rowan who looks unsure about the picture taking
I managed to eat like it was going out of style, but it was worth it. Such delicious food and desserts that I couldn't pass up. I did get one workout in and I took full advantage of the hot tub. The girls were a little jealous since they didn't bring their swimsuits and tried to lock me out of the house.

Be jealous
We celebrated Saturday night and opened all the presents and the girls got some great gifts. My sister bought them all Toms shoes and so we had to get a picture. Of course, I was thinking about getting the shoes in the picture and completely forgot to get one of all their faces. I'm terrible when it comes to pictures.
Even Rowan got little Toms
My sister, Rachel and my brother were unable to come this weekend due to work schedules so the house was a little less full than normal. We had a good time, though. I wish I had remembered to take a least one picture with Angie, though. We got back late last night and getting up this morning to go to work was not easy. I may have fallen asleep on the drive in.

We are headed down to Joplin tonight to have our second Christmas with Jason's family. I'm hoping that the family drama is kept to a minimum, but we shall see. It is a shorter drive this time, but it will be a short trip since we have to head back tomorrow night to finish out the work week.

Merry Christmas to everyone and safe travels!

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