Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Linkup


Today, I am linking up with Sarah and Heather for a special Holiday vlog. I know you can't get enough of me vlogging, especially when I can't get the camera angled correctly. Oh well, enjoy!

Apparently, I managed to miss two of the questions so I'll answer them now because I'm lazy and I didn't want to do the video over. My favorite holiday movie is a toss up between Love Actually and The Ref. We don't really have any special holiday traditions, but my mom always used to let us open one gift the on Christmas Eve and it was almost always pajamas. I've tried to carry that tradition on with my kids.

My AMiL (almost Mother in Law) made the cutest Advent calendar for Emmeline and she has gotten the biggest kick out of it. She used plastic baby food container and glued them onto cardboard and then put candy and fruit snacks under all the days. It turned out really neat. She looks forward to opening one every day.

Of course, me being not Catholic, I have no idea what the purpose of an Advent calendar is other than some sort of countdown until Christmas. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Although I am currently sans religion at the moment, I actually do have very strong feelings about God. I've considered writing an entire post on them, but it probably wouldn't be too popular. Let's just say that me and God haven't been on the best of terms for a while. Another time, perhaps. I'll sum up by saying, "I believe that you believe, but I don't believe what you believe".

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's vlogs!


  1. Thanks for linking up! We have the pajama tradition as well!

  2. Your ex sounds like a hoarder grinch. :)

  3. I love that Calendar - I can teach you about it. BAH!!! Kidding.. but it is adorable.

  4. That calendar is awesome! I am totally going to make one when I have a kid some day!