Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running is expensive

I did not realize how much money you can drop on gear when you start running. This stuff is not cheap and I do not like to spend a lot of money. This comes from being perpetually broke. Let's break this down, shall we?
Shoes - $100
Socks - $10-$30
Bra - $30-$50 (for one)
Shorts/Skirts/Shirts - Here is where you can really spend a buttload
Garmin - $100-$300+
Gear Belt - $20-$50

Who wants to sponsor me? I actually have not had to spend a ton of money on this stuff yet, as I am just starting out. I figure that I can pick up things here and there as I get more serious. I already owned a couple pairs of Sauconys that are still in pretty good condition so I'm wearing those for now. I did have to buy a new bra. I got this number from Moving Comfort and it is awesome. Best sports bra ever!

I also broke down and bought an armband for my phone yesterday. I have been running with my phone because I like to use it for music and I have the Nike+ app that tracks how far I run. I'm not ready to shell out the dough for a Garmin, yet. Normally I just stick it in my bra strap which is neither comfortable nor convenient. I noticed last night after my run that the flash light on my phone was flashing randomly so I turned it off and took off the back. Turns out that sweat had gotten into my phone because it was wet. I mildly panicked and took it all apart and let it sit inside a diaper all night. I figured the absorbency would help. It was fine this morning but I definitely need the armband so I don't have to sweat all over my phone again. I did have my own little PR last night, so I did my celebratory dance when I got back home. Check it out.
Not quite at a 5K yet, but I'm getting closer. Plus, I was able to run a longer time without having to stop to feel like I'm going to die walk so often. Woohoo! Slow and steady keeps it going.