Friday, September 21, 2012

Clothes make the woman

I feel like I have a pretty good sense of style, yet I am constantly second guessing myself on what to wear and how to wear it and whether or not something looks good. I would not consider myself a fashionista by any means. I mean, 90% of my wardrobe is from either Target or Old Navy and I'm not even exaggerating a little bit. I tend to buy things on a whim, from the clearance rack and I tend to keep clothes for years (regardless of whether they still fit or not). It is rare that I will go shopping with a specific item in mind. Lack of funds plus an aversion to shopping will do that to you. Maybe if I felt that I actually looked good in clothes would help me to like shopping better. That being said, I generally feel like I am pretty put together. Plus, I follow a couple blogs that really help give you ideas for different outfits. That and Pinterest, of course.

So what is the actual point of my ramblings, you may be asking yourself. Excellent question. Now that fall weather is starting to creep in, I'm excited to get out the sweaters and boots. Summer is my favorite season, no question, but fall clothes are so much better. Maybe it is because I am used to layering to cover up the pudge. I was trying to come up with a cute outfit for today involving leggings and boots. I seem to struggle with this combo because I don't really have any adequate tops. I feel like if I'm wearing leggings, the top should be long enough to cover my butt because, really, no one needs to see that. I had pulled an old button down shirt of Jason's from his closet that was blue and white striped and topped it with a maroon cardigan. Then I belted the whole thing and rolled up the sleeves. I was feeling pretty good about it until I went downstairs and Jason told me that I looked like a pirate. (sigh) Back upstairs to rethink my outfit. Here's what I ended up with. I scrapped the leggings and went with jeans instead. Yay for casual Fridays!
The bathroom at work has the worst lighting
I would like to get some skinny jeans, but I'm hesitant to buy new clothes while I am losing weight. Granted, my weight loss has slowed waaaaay down, but I'm still working on it. I stepped on the scale this morning to 164.4 which means another half a pound down and 15 lbs lost total. WooHoo!  I have had to retire a few pairs of my work pants that are now too big for me to wear, so I've been going with a lot of skirts and dresses. Maybe I'll treat myself to some new skinny jeans when I hit the 20 lb mark. Always helps to have a goal, right?

And just because, here are some pictures we took the other morning. Emmeline is too cute with her pigtails and I love Jason's cheesy grin.

Anyone else neurotic about clothes? Do you have a monthly clothes budget or just buy things on a whim?