Monday, October 1, 2012

Jillian Michaels Challenge Accepted

Thanks to the ML Fit Camp group on Facebook, I have accepted a challenge to work out with Jillian for the month of October. I picked up the 30 Day Shred last week and actually started it yesterday. I'm such an overachiever. The first level was not too bad, but I am feeling it today. I may need to pick up some heavier hand weights for the next levels. I'm just using 1 1/2 lbs right now.

So, in the interest of full disclosure and accountability, I am posting my stats and before pics from yesterday.

My before pics and stats as of 9/30/2012. I am 5'4".
Weight - 165
Waist - 41"
Hips - 41"
Bust - 40"
Thigh - 22"
Arm - 10"

I cannot tell you how much I dislike these pictures. My flab is hanging over the side of my shorts, I look about four months pregnant and don't even get me started on the stretch marks. However, that is motivation right there. I want to look hot!

Because I was feeling so good about doing the 30 DS, after I fixed dinner I got on the treadmill to work on my C25K progress. Week 5 Day 5 is walk 5 minutes, run 10 minutes, walk 5 minutes. Let me pause here to reiterate how much I struggle with running. I have constantly talked myself into slowing down into a walk whenever I've been running outside. Lately, I have been getting it done on the treadmill. I can control the incline (have I mentioned how hilly my neighborhood is) and I can keep a close eye on my time. Anyway, after the first 5 minute walk, I started my jog and kept going. Even though I was tired, I kept telling myself to keep going, don't stop, you have X minutes to go and I finished! I did the full 10 minutes straight and I started crying because I was so damn proud of myself. Fitness and athleticism has never come easy to me and to be able to push myself to do that was really a proud moment for me. I know I can keep this going and in 5 more weeks, be able to run for 25-30 minutes straight. Now, I just need to find a 5K to sign up for...
What have been your proud moments on your journey?