Thursday, October 25, 2012

Progress Pics

Since I hit my 20 lb weight loss mark this past week, it is time to show you my lovely progress pictures.

179 lbs

169 lbs

157ish lbs (it was at night so I'm sure I weighed more than in the morning)
The last pictures I took last night and I swear I look like I have a food baby. Next stop 30 lbs gone! I cannot believe how fat I used to be. You don't realize it until you look back at the pictures.
I had another person at work ask me if I'd lost weight today. What a great feeling that is to have people actually recognize the hard work you've been putting in. Plus, all the great comments and likes that I got from posting this picture on Facebook and Instagram was amazing.

I mentioned yesterday that I would talk a little bit about the effects I have been experiencing since going on my crazy new eating plan. Cutting out all grains, dairy and sugar is a drastic change, but overall I am extremely pleased with how it is affecting me. Some of the weirder side effects have been:
  1. Crazy vivid dreams - I don't know what is going on but both Jason and I have had these very weird, very vivid dreams. Apparently, this is pretty common when switching to the Paleo Diet as I have found people discussing it here and here. Mine are actually starting to taper off now.
  2. You won't need to take any books in the bathroom with you for a few days - While your body regulates to the new way of eating, you not poop for a few days. For me, it was four. The books actually recommend taking a fiber supplement at first. Guess I missed that advice. I'm all good now, just in case you were wondering.
  3. You may look like a teenager again - Awesome as this one sounds, it's not. My face has started breaking out, mainly on my nose. Really annoying because I have pretty clear skin generally.
  4. Very low energy - This was a big one. I pretty much laid around all last weekend because I just didn't have the energy to get up and do anything. I even skipped out on doing Jillian for a week. Did Level 2 last night and it still kicked my ass. Monday morning I went to do my run and I was going to try and run for 2 miles and couldn't do it. I just felt like I had nothing left after 1 mile. Ugh.
Have I cheated on this yet? Not really. I have had some seasonings with salt in them (which is a no-no) and I have to have honey in my tea. Honey is acceptable in moderation as it wasn't easy to obtain in caveman days. Who wants to fight off an angry horde of bees? I've also had wine, which again is acceptable in moderation. I want this thing to work so I'm going whole hog here. If I cheat, I'm only cheating myself.

Is Emmeline on the diet? Not at this point. She is going through a picky toddler eating phase and she will turn her nose up at some of the things we eat. Not to mention the fact that she wants to eat the second we get home and dinner usually isn't ready for another hour. Girl has no patience. She also intends to eat all of the fruit in the house, based on her current preferences.
When the older girls are staying with me, I do intend to cook for them as I cook for myself so they will be on it (for the weekend anyway) as well. Elsa may have issues with this as that girl will go eat plain bread slices like no one else.

If you have questions feel free to ask, I'm all about inappropriate sharing.