Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday and 30DS Update

 Here is my weight as of this morning and do you know what this means? I've hit the 25 lb loss mark!

I'm a little late on the 30 Day Shred update considering it ended, oh, a week ago. Plus, I kind of quit on Jillian half way through the month. I'm still going to post my results. In case you forgot, here are my beginning stats and pictures.
My before pics and stats as of 9/30/2012. I am 5'4".
Weight - 165
Waist - 41"
Hips - 41"
Bust - 40"
Thigh - 22"
Arm - 10"

So, here are my stats and pictures as of 11/4/12:
Weight - 157.2
Waist - 34"
Hips - 40"
Bust - 38 1/2"
Thigh - 20"
Arm - 10 1/2"

I'm not sure how my arm got bigger, but overall I'm very pleased with the inches I lost. Since I quit on Jillian in October, I've decided to give her another try in November. I want to do the Shred every day this month (which was derailed this morning because the alarm didn't go off) and I want to run every day. I'm still working towards my Pile On the Miles goal of 60 miles run in the month of November. Not sure if I'll make it, but I want to get close. Plus Jason got this kooky idea to sign up for a 5K on the morning of Thanksgiving. I definitely want to run the whole thing and not walk like I had to on the Trail Run.

I am really proud of Jason for starting to exercise and get healthy. He completely gave up soda which was a huge deal for him. However, our treadmill is starting to act up and it is causing trouble. For some reason, I can run fine on it, but when he gets on, the belt stops or just refuses to turn. It is very frustrating and I know he is pissed about it especially because he has set this goal for himself and absolutely HATES to fail. He could run outside, but it would have to be in the dark and that's no fun. Anyway, if anyone knows how to repair an old Nordic Track, let me know!