Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I need a personal shopper

...and a winning lottery ticket. I am having a clothing crisis in which I pretty much dislike everything I own. I believe I've mentioned before that I don't shop for myself very often and I tend to never get rid of anything. This results in a very full closet of outdated and (now) ill-fitting clothes. The majority of my dress pants are too big for me and I am not a baggy clothes wearer. I like my clothes to fit close to the body. Why? Probably because I'm a showoff with a super-ego.

Unfortunately, new clothes are not in the current budget, so no shopping sprees for me. We do have a clothes shop called Ditto or there's also Plato's Closet where they will buy clothes from you. I need to try and round up some items to see if I can sell them. Granted, they are normally looking for higher end brands of clothes that are still fairly recent so I don't know how much I'll be able to actually get money for. My 5 year old Old Navy jeans probably aren't going to cut it. I guess whatever I don't sell, I can always donate to Goodwill. I've actually heard that there are some great finds to be had at Goodwill.

I will be driving to St. Louis the last weekend in November to meet up with some STL bloggers. I'm super excited to meet Holly and Melanie, but also some new friends as well. So of course, I have to look cute. I would hate to meet all these great people while looking like a reject from 2002 who just schlepped over the state.

New goal for the week: to get rid of some old clothes that I can't wear anymore and find some cute new stuff for cheap. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and if anyone wants to take me shopping and buy me stuff, I am up for anything.