Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Trot Recap and Thanksgiving

Happy Monday everyone! Back to work after a long weekend is no bueno, but bills have to be paid. So, on to my weekend recap which I know you're dying to read.

Wednesday night, we headed down to Joplin. We stayed at Jason's Nana's house as she was out of town visiting some other relatives. Sleeping in the big king size bed was so nice even though Emmeline ended up sleeping with us and she is a huge bed hog. We woke up Thursday morning (bright and early) to find her in the middle of the bed and Jason and I scooted over to one side. We got up and got ready for our Turkey Trot 5K and headed out to downtown Joplin where the race was being held. The downtown area was not hit by the tornado last year, in case you were wondering.

Love, love, love my new REI pants

Tron shoes, anyone?

There were quite a few people there, it turned out to be a great event. There was a 5K and then a 1 mile fun run/walk. Jason and I lined up at the back of the pack as we were not trying to break any records there. I started off at a good even pace, pretty slow, but I knew that I would just wear myself out if I went any faster. I did not run the full race as I had wanted to, but that was okay. I ran as much as I felt I could. After the halfway point, I was keeping pace with a couple of other women and we were alternately running and walking. As I was behind one of them, it struck me how similar she was to my mom in build and hair color when my mom was younger. This, of course, made me start crying when I thought of how proud I was of myself for doing this and how proud I felt she would be of me. This gave me the push to keep going and as I rounded the last corner I started running again and didn't stop until the finish. I have not received my "official" time yet, but I believe it was at 42 minutes. PR! Definitely a better pace than my first 5K.

Bad picture of all the people in front of me
 Jason had fallen behind and was walking more than I was due to shin splints acting up, but he persevered and finished with a 52 minute time. I am so proud of him for finishing since he really has not done much training up to this point. We got some water and coffee and bananas that they were handing out (I passed on the doughnuts thankyouverymuch) and headed back to Nana's to get cleaned up.
Home stretch
We went over to Jason's mom's house as we were going to have dinner there. (I really should just call her my MIL for convenience sake). I helped out with dinner by making Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potatoes, although I only used about half the sugar that the recipe called for. They were still delicious. Dinner was really good as was the wine. After dinner, the little ones went down for a nap and the big kids went outside to play catch. We alternated baseball and football and I only got hit in the boob once, so I'm calling it a win.

Friday morning we met Jason's dad and siblings for breakfast at IHOP and even though I wanted pancakes, I stuck with an omelet (go me). This is the first major holiday since his parents divorce was finalized that we were there for and it was quiet, but still nice to see everyone.

I did not participate in any Black Friday madness as that scene is just not for me. Cyber Monday is much more my style. Now, if that winning lottery ticket would land in my lap, I would be all set.