Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

I feel like my weigh-in posts are a little boring, but I gotta keep it up to keep myself accountable. I'm still part of a competition and I'm going to go after it for all it's worth. So without further ado, my weight for this week was:
I am so close to the 140's I can practically taste it! I had been getting discouraged with my weight loss the past couple of weeks because it was not moving at all. I decided to try the 3 Day Military diet. Some other FitCampers had been having success with it so I wanted to see if it would jump start my weight loss back up. There was some discussion regarding the lower calorie intake on a daily basis, but it is not in any way suggested for a long term diet. The food is a mixture of meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy so it isn't outrageous by any means. Anyhoo, I am starting day 3 so we'll see where I end up tomorrow. I am not expecting to lose 10 lbs, but 5 or 6 would be fantastic. Like I said, I just wanted this as a kickstart back to my weight loss.

But what about Paleo, you may be asking yourself. Paleo for me is not gone forever. After tomorrow, I will still be eating a modified form of Paleo or Primal. I really rarely eat bread or anything sugary anymore. My body just doesn't miss it. I am perfectly happy to stuff myself on meat and vegetables. Mmm, meat.

I had a little Non Scale Victory today too. First off, i stayed home and am just "working" from home today. I wasn't feeling going into the office. So, when I got up and weighed myself, I was so happy with the number that I took a picture of myself in sexy lingerie and sent it to Jason. I haven't been confident enough with my body to that ever. Secondly, I had a pair of size 8 jeans hiding in the back of my closet so I pulled them out and tried them on, just for shits and giggles. To my surprise, they fit! I couldn't believe it. I have not worn a size 8 since before Cordie was born and she's 12. Cue my happy dance.

Perhaps my best news of all is that in just two short days, I will be driving to St. Louis to meet a bunch of wonderful STL Bloggers. Holly has graciously offered to put me up for the night and can I tell you that I cannot wait to meet her and Melanie! Girls' night out with a bunch of blogging women - I'm going to pee myself with all the excitement.

Anyone else have grand plans for this weekend? Anyone else not started their Christmas shopping like me?