Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday via pictures

I have no exciting celebrity stories to share other than meeting Pioneer Woman so instead today I thought I'd throw a few pictures at you of me from the past few years. Looking back at these pictures, I was about 175-180 in most of them and let me tell you, I was in huge denial about how big I was. What I saw in the mirror was not the same as what was captured on film. Also, a lot of these pictures feature my siblings as well. Turns out that I only take pictures when the whole family gets together. To give you a rundown, my sister Rachel is 2 years younger (and 2 inches taller) than me. My sister Angie is 6 years younger (and always skinny). My brother Ryan is the baby of the family.

July 2008
This was just after our grandmother's funeral.

May 2008
This was just after our mom's funeral. Rough year.

September 2008

February 2009

September 2009
My cousin April is between Angie and I

April 2010
I was about 40 months pregnant at this time.

July 2010
Emmeline was about 2 months old

September 2010

February 2012
Angie was 8 months pregnant in this picture, but I still look bigger than her.

March 2012
Notice me trying to hold on to Emmeline as she screams.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down fat memory lane. Oh and if the shirt from picture 3 looks familiar, it is because I was wearing it yesterday when I posted this picture. Like I said, I never get rid of my clothes.
Quite a difference