Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, it's Wednesday

Blah. Got on the scale this morning and immediately got right back off. I cannot get out of the 150's to save my life. It is so frustrating. Of course, I know that it is my eating habits that I need to get in check. Paleo has been falling way, way by the wayside. Yesterday, we received a gift basket from one of our vendors at work and I could not stop shovelling chocolate covered cherries in my pie hole.

I have been getting runs/walks in, but I would love to step it up and work out like Megan or Elle Noel. These women are amazing. I need one of them to come to my house and kick my ass. I was going to get up early this morning and work out with Jillian, but I pussed out. My alarm went off and got snoozed five times before I actually got up.

My motivation seems to have flown out the window and I want it back. I want to get down in the 140's and don't want to lose my $20 on my DietBet. It seems to me that people are totally cheating on that, though and it pisses me off. There were a few players that had hit their goal weight after 4 days. Come on, really? Plus, I don't understand why people are still able to sign up. I feel like that once the official start date has come and gone, you shouldn't be able to add any more players. Alright, I'll stop my little bitchfest now.

Darci is hosting a Santa Fail linkup, but since I am a horrible mother who never taken her kids to see Santa, I shall not be participating. I am looking forward so seeing everyone else's fun pictures, though.

It is amazing what you can find when you Google Image something. I love this picture.