Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas trip #2 done

We had a very quick, but very nice visit in Joplin the past couple of days. There was no family drama (hooray) and everyone got some great gifts. Miss Em got tons of new clothes, which she really needed and I think we have officially OD'd on Dora the Exporer. Sorry for the lack of pictures, all of the ones I took were dark and/or blurry. I am so not cut out to be a photographer.

This girl got several gift cards to Kohl's so guess who's going to go shopping this weekend? I am so freaking excited, I can't even tell you. I am even following this girl and this girl's advice and making a list of what I want to try and buy. Hopefully this will help me from wandering around the store for five hours not being able to make up my mind. (Speaking from experience here).

Now that Christmas festivities (and food) are done, it is time to get back on the scale. Not a pretty picture my friends, I weighed in at 152 this morning. This means that I have managed to gain back the three pounds I'd lost this month and I have one week to lose 6 pounds in order to win my DietBet. I have decided that the only (healthy) way to do that is to get back to Paleo eating. I am going to cut out all the carbs, dairy and sugar from my diet and get back to running. We'll see what the scale shows next week.

What are your plans for finishing the year strong?