Monday, December 31, 2012

Me A-Z aka Lazy Post

I cannot seem to get my head together this morning so I'm jumping on the bandwagon and using this as my easy lazy post. I love anything that is "A-Z" since those are also my initials.

A. Age: 38

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you hate: Washing dishes and cleaning the bathrooms. I so need a maid. 

D. Dogs: No, I'm not zoned for dogs. (Bonus if you can name that movie)

E. Essential start to your day: A shower, I just can't wake up without one.

F. Favorite color: Orange

G. Gold or Silver: I have always been partial to gold as I thought it looked better with my skin tone, but lately am starting to like silver a lot.

H. Height: 5'4"

I. Instruments you play: None at present time. I used to play the cornet in grade school and I taught myself to play Fur Elise on the piano in high school. Wasted talent, I tell you.

J. Job Title: Benefits Administrator - doesn't even describe what I do at all

K. Kids: Five - Hannah, Cordelia, Paige, Elsa and Emmeline

L. Live: Kansas City, MO

M. Married: Used to be

N. Nicknames: Manda Panda

O. Overnight hospital stays: Appendicitis when I was 3, Pneumonia when I was 7, and all the girls' births
P. Pet peeve: There are just so many... Slow drivers in the fast lane, women who talk on their phones in the bathroom, incorrect grammar, to name a few.
Q. Quote: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Suess  

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty, although 4 of my 5 girls are left-handed. Weird.

S. Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother, 3 step-sisters

T. Time you wake up: 5:00-5:30AM

U. University attended: Baker University in the tiny town of Baldwin City, KS

V. Vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms and olives of any color

W. What makes you run late: Time mismanagement, I am pretty much never on time.

X. X-rays you've had: My back (by my chiropractor), and my teeth. I have never broken any bones.

Y. Yummy food: Mexican and Breakfast foods are the best. 

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Elephants
No wild parties for me tonight as I couldn't get a babysitter and we are expected to get 2-4 inches of snow. I'd rather not chance bad weather with potential drunk drivers thrown in the mix. So, I'll be watching Ryan Seacrest, drinking champagne at home tonight.
NPR did a little musical montage this morning from all the musicians that had passed away this year. The montage began with Dick Clark announcing American Bandstand and ended with him saying Happy New Year. I couldn't help but to get a little teary eyed. Will anyone else be missing Dick Clark as the ball drops tonight?
Happy New Year to all! Have fun and be safe!