Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Running Attire link-up

Two posts in one day? Yes, I'm trying to catch up, plus I didn't want to miss the link up with Mel since I missed her last one.


So, today we are talking about workout attire. To be honest, I don't have a lot of stuff yet. I'm slowly accumulating. For starters, I have two Moving Comfort bras and they are the best sports bras I've ever owned. Totally worth the money, although they are both now a little too big for me.

I also have one pair of running shorts from Moving Comfort, although they are on the big side, as well. I noticed that I have a lot more booty shaking when I run in those, so I think I'll stick to my compression pants.
These are my favorite running capris that I bought from REI. I need to get another pair so I can alternate. I do have two more pairs of capris from Old Navy that I bought for a steal. These are longer in the leg and I just don't like them quite as much.
As far as tops go, I have only bought one actual workout tank and the rest of the time, I'll wear a regular tank top or t-shirt. I really need to get some long sleeve workout shirts so I can look as cute as Mel, not that I'll be running outside anytime soon after last weekend's debacle.

And last, but not least, I am finally getting some new running shoes! I went to a local store last week to get professionally fitted, but they didn't have the ones I liked best in my size. They had them sent over from another location and I get to pick them up tonight. So excited. My old Saucony's have just about had it. I'm still a Saucony girl, though, as I picked out these babies.

Saucony Mirage 2
That's about the extent of my athletic wear. Anyone else feel like going shopping?


  1. Lately I'm obsessed about Moving Comfort. I found them through an article in a Runner's World tweet and their bras seem so much more affordable than most "real" sports bras! Did you get them at REI or did you have to order online? I don't even know what retailers carry Moving Comfort!

  2. Who I am going to check out Moving Comfort now - YAY! I am so glad you linked-up - so much fun... I need a good bra BAD!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up with me today!! Loving the running capris and I've been hearing great things about Saucony shoes and have been wanting to try some on.

  4. Ahh, SOLD! I've been eyeing Moving Comfort for awhile, thanks for the tips :)


  5. Thanks! I'm going to check out moving comfort!