Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not your Normal Love Story

First up, I would like to thank Hubby Jack for my new blog design. I love it!

Today I am linking up with Erin to talk about my love story. I decided to give you both a "his and hers" version so you can get both sides of the story.


My Side
My love story is not your typical boy meets girl type of story. As I’ve made no secret about, Jason and I were both married at the time we met. However, that doesn’t make the feelings any less real. So if you have an open mind, read on…
Jason and I actually worked at the same place for a couple of years before we ever spoke to one another. He was always very quiet and pretty much kept to himself. He was not the social butterfly that I am. I had noticed him certainly, and thought he was very good looking , but never really had the “in” to go up and chat him up.
I usually had lunch in our cafeteria with a group of friends and we were usually pretty loud and had a lot of laughs. Jason was not a part of this group as he always ate lunch (which pretty much always consisted of peanut butter sandwiches) at his desk. One day, I encountered him in the break room and invited him to come eat downstairs with the rest of us. He declined saying that he didn’t care for all the work gossip. I might have lied and agreed with him about not being a fan of gossip either (I love hearing work gossip!) but told him that the invitation was open if he ever changed his mind.
A couple weeks later I received an email from him saying that he’d like to take me up on my offer. Not gonna lie, I got some butterflies in my stomach. When we went downstairs for lunch, however, he did not sit with the group, but sat off at our own little table. We just basically talked and got to know each other and I about choked when he told me how old he was. (Cougar, anyone?)
Our lunch dates became more frequent and at some point, it changed from friendship to romantic. We found more and more excuses to leave work during lunch hour to be together. I fell in love with him without really meaning to. But of course, life is complicated and doesn’t always or ever go the way you planned. He asked his wife for a divorce, but I was scared. Eventually, it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to forget about him and go back to my husband though. Scary and sad as it was, my husband filed for divorce and I moved out.
Starting a new relationship in the midst of ending an old relationship is not easy or recommended. However, I am more certain today than ever that I did the right thing. Jason is definitely the man for me. I don’t necessarily believe in soul mates, but I do believe that people come into your life at the right time for a reason. He came into my life without me wanting it or seeking it, but now I can’t imagine life without him. He is my biggest supporter and he loves me unconditionally. He calls me out on my shit and he gets me to talk about my feelings when I really don’t want to. He is a wonderful father, but we’re still working on the step-dad role.
We’ll probably get married again someday, but I’m not in a rush. I don’t need a ring on my finger to know how much I mean to him or to solidify our relationship. We’re in a good place right now, but if the time comes, I will be having one hell of a reception party.

His Side
As Amanda said, our love story is not typical, but no less real than anyone else’s.
I was in an unhappy marriage; my ex-wife was verbally abusive to my, and chronically unemployed due to her bad attitude. I was a doormat, who worked two jobs and ate peanut butter sandwiches everyday for four-years, so that she could be at home playing housewife.
As indicated above, I am an introverted person. At work, my peer group consisted of highly-social extroverts with a flair for gossip and assigning nicknames to common targets of their ridicule. After awhile, I became a target and instead of confronting them, I put in my ear buds and kept to myself.
I saw Amanda in the office, always thought she was gorgeous, but never spoke to her outside of saying, “Hello” or “Good morning”. One day in the break room, Amanda invited me to have lunch with the “cool kids”; I declined, but was intrigued by the offer. Sometime afterwards, I sent her an e-mail asking if we could have lunch. She accepted and we talked about ourselves, likes and dislikes, etc.
I knew early on that I was falling for her, and didn’t make attempts to stop. I’d had enough of being a doormat, eating peanut butter sandwiches, and living a life where I wasn’t happy or honest with myself or others.
I divorced my wife, it sucked; but, you do what you have to do sometimes.
Today, I am a very happy, blessed man who feels very lucky to have been in the right place and time to have met Amanda.

Be sure to head over to Erin's page to link up with your own story! Oh, and today's the last day to enter my Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowed In... for days

I am finally back to work today after being stuck in the house since last Thursday. We managed to get a foot and a half of snow over the past few days and it is still snowing! Working from home didn't exactly make me the most productive employee on the planet either. I had no motivation and had to take care of a demanding toddler. I think she was as happy to be going to daycare today as I was.

I did manage to get out of the house a couple times so I wasn't completely stir crazy. Saturday night I went shopping at one of my favorite places, Target. It was nice to be able to leisurely walk around the store. Unfortunately I had a terrible case of stank ass and spent the whole time trying not to fart. It was pretty bad. What the hell, quinoa? I thought you were supposed to be healthy!

I also took Miss Em to Costco on Monday before the snow started up again. She was really good for me and as a result got to pick out a new dress. I love that Costco has clothes. I grabbed a short sleeve running tee for myself.

Emmeline did get some play time in the snow on Sunday. It was pretty funny as the snow was so deep she could barely walk around. She kept falling over and then yelling that she was stuck. Jason thought it was hilarious to pick her up and lay her down in the snow so she couldn't get up. Her snowsuit was quite puffy. She looked like a big pink marshmallow. Not quite to Randy status, though. (Name that movie.)

Overall this weekend, I managed to eat all the wrong foods and bloat up to the size of a beached whale. I did run a couple times, but I still haven't started Jillian Michaels. I am planning on doing the Advocare cleanse that everyone else is doing because I need to clean out my system. Eat like shit, feel like shit has pretty much been my tag line this month. So much for my goals. I did talk Jason into doing the cleanse with me, so I won't have to worry about making separate meals. Yay! And Kimmy said she would be my accountability partner so we can keep each other on track.

Oh, and be sure to enter my Giveaway if you haven't already. Entries will be taken until tomorrow at midnight!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Morning Giveaway

So, I have been teasing everyone with talks of a giveaway for a while now and I finally got my act together! Be excited! The general consensus was to go with a favorite things theme and since I don't really have a lot of specific favorite products that I use, I decided to go with some of my favorite places and a bonus.

If you win, you will be receiving:

A $15 gift card to Target 
A $15 gift card to Old Navy
A $25 gift card to Amazon

The winner will also receive two Brady Bands

There you have it! I really appreciate all my followers and I wanted to do something extra special for sticking with me and being so patient. Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter. Entries will be accepted until Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 22, 2013

A whole lot of nothing

As some of you may have heard, unless you've been living under a rock, we had a major snowstorm here in the midwest yesterday. This resulted in daycare (and pretty much all other schools) being closed, me being stuck in the house and attempting and failing to work from home. At this point, I'm lucky if I can string two coherent sentences together so prepare yourself for a bit of randomness.

I don't know what the official snowfall was, but I have to say it was at least 10 inches at my house. Enough to cover up the first to steps of our front porch.
First two are the back parking lot and the third is the front yard.
Jason went outside last night to shovel the driveway and at one point I could tell his back was really hurting him. I told him to come inside and I would finish up, but the stubborn man stayed out and finished. I did go out and decided to shovel our elderly neighbors' driveway. That was quite the workout. There was a lot of snow. Gold star for me.

I haven't showered since Wednesday morning. I'm feeling all kinds of gross. I had every intention of running yesterday, but didn't get around to it. I took a nap instead. Today, I'm going to do it, though. I just need to wait until the munchkin goes down for a nap. I don't trust that ornery little girl to be unsupervised upstairs by herself while I'm on the treadmill.
Stinker kept jumping on this chair
I finally ordered the Advocare 10 day Cleanse. After reading about Mel's terrific results, how could I not? I realize that it will take discipline on my part. I just need it to give me a kickstart. My weight loss has been non-existent and I've actually gained weight since I started the DietBet. I might as well be throwing money down the drain.

I may have had half of a cantaloupe for lunch. And a spoonful of peanut butter. And the leftover pizza that Emmeline didn't eat. I didn't even want the pizza, I just don't like food going to waste. Overeating isn't a problem for me when I'm at home. Quite the opposite, actually. I, more often than not, will forget to eat until late in the day when I'm starving. I haven't really had an issue with emotional eating. Eating is just something that you have to do, although I do enjoy good food. I don't always make the best food choices (like pizza).

I really, really want to get a new tattoo. I'm just having difficulty on deciding what to get. Have I mentioned what a horrible decision maker I am?  I've thought about getting a quote, but I don't know what. I've also looked at the Celtic knots for sisters and mothers and have contemplated both of those. Ugh, I just need to decide on something and get it done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I think the roads are clear enough now for me to go get some wine. Lord knows I need it... and a shower. I really kind of reek.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Q and a Liebster

I am so over winter, OVER IT! It has been below freezing every morning this week and now Winter Storm Q is coming. Seriously, who names these storms and how do I get that job? They are predicting anywhere from 6" - 20" of snow to hit here overnight. You can bet your sweet ass that I will not be attempting to drive anywhere. My normal 45 minute commute will turn into 3 hours and honestly, I have no desire to risk my life with the other idiots out there. Where the hell is my early spring, Groundhog?

At least the cold weather gives me an excuse to wear cute hats.
 My angry coworker is at it again this morning. He's yelling at his credit card company about some fraudulent charges on his account and of course, as soon as he hangs up from them, he has to call someone else to talk about it. Ugh!

In other news, I've been nominated for another Liebster award! The very lovely Crissa at Craving Chocolate and Lazy Days nominated me a couple of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to answering her questions. I am such a procrastinator, it's not even funny.

11 things about Me:
1. I love hats, but always feel weird wearing them (see above picture) like I don't look as cute as I think I do.
2. Astrology is fascinating to me. Not in that I have to check my horoscope everyday way, but the personality profiles are strangely accurate. And don't come at me with the "new zodiac signs", those are all a lot of bunk. I am and always will be a Gemini.
3. I have always liked Math (except Trigonometry). It makes sense to me and I am usually pretty good at number puzzles.
4. If you rearrange my daughters' first initials they spell CHEEP or PECHE (peach in French). I was thinking about getting a little chick tattoo sometime.
5. I have one tattoo and really want to get another soon.
6. I do not like olives of any kind. I keep trying them in an attempt to like them, but I don't think it is ever going to happen.
7. I am really bad with money. I wish my parents had better explained how to manage my money instead of me muddling along for years.
8. I am the worst housekeeper ever. I despise cleaning and really just want someone to hire me a maid.
9. I used to be fluent in French, but lost quite a bit of it after many years of not using it. I would like to get that back.
10. My dream job would to be an actress, but I don't know that I have any talent.
11. More often than not, someone's offhand comment will remind me of a movie quote.

Crissa's Questions
1. What is one talent you wish you had? - I wish I could whistle. For some reason, I have never been able to figure it out.
2. If you had to watch one Disney movie everyday for the rest of your life what would you pick? - This is a tough one because I love Disney movies! I do have a soft spot for Brother Bear and Meet the Robinsons, though. They both make me cry every time.
3. What is your most embarrassing moment? - I have lots of embarrassing moments but I usually laugh them off and go about my business. I can't think of any one time when I was completely mortified.
4. What is your favorite holiday? - Thanksgiving I love getting together with family and eating good food and you don't have to worry about spending  money on gifts or candy. I'm looking at you, Easter.
5. Is there a place in your home you would like to redo? - Um, the whole house? Our master bathroom really needs to be redone since the shower still hasn't been replaced since Jason ripped it out and I would really like to have that shower back.
6. Do you have a bad habit you wish you could break?  If so, what is it? - I wish I could be more proactive in getting things done and not procrastinate so much.
7. Smores or Pumpkin Pie? - Smores every time
8. What is your favorite workout tune? - Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis
9. Who is your celebrity free pass? - Toss up between Bradley Cooper and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
10. What is your best childhood memory? I really have quite a lot of them as I did have a pretty good childhood. I always loved travelling, though and we had a great vacation to New Orleans and Pensacola when I was 10.
11. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? I would make sure that all my debt was paid off and all the girls had accounts set up for college. I would also make sure that my family was set up and comfortable. I would then buy my dream house and travel.

That's about all I got today and it only took me 4 hours to get this post finished (see #6). I really should get these typed up the night before. I'm sure I'll have much better luck tomorrow as I'm working from home due to Q. All I think about when I hear Q is the character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And that leads me to thinking of Wil Wheaton whom I still have a crush on. Hmm, maybe he should be my free pass?

Ah, Wesley Crusher

Anyone else preparing for Snowmageddon?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Glasses

I was contacted a couple of months ago by a company called Firmoo asking if I would like to try out a free pair of glasses. Since I have worn corrective eyewear since I was 9 years old and I know how expensive new glasses can be, I jumped at the chance.

They had a lot of cute and trendy styles to choose from so I just picked the ones I liked best, entered my presescription and ordered away. Now, I have a weird prescription because I am near-sighted in my left eye and far-sighted in my right eye. When they received my order, they contacted me to verify it was correct and to make sure I didn't make a mistake in ordering which I thought was nice.

I received my glasses in a couple weeks and they looked great. They fit really well and I've received a lot of compliments on them. They are a different style and shape than my other glasses so I can switch them out with my mood or outfit.

The company is also offering free glasses to all new customers. They have a selection of prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. To get your free pair, go here and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: The glasses were provided to me free by Firmoo, but all opinions and pictures are my own.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Blate, Trampolines and Shopping

Monday morning again so it is time for the usual weekend recap. I had all the girls this weekend so of course, the decibel level was raised about 5 octaves. Elsa had her "pain in the ass" face on so she was a regular joy and a half all weekend.

Thursday night, I had driven down to Topeka for Parent/Teacher conferences for Paige and Elsa then went over to my ex's house to chat about the girls and go over some medical bill stuff. Some people might think that it is weird that I spent Valentine's Day with my ex-husband, but honestly it was not a big deal. I don't really care about V-Day so to me it was a non-issue. Jason had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me at the office and it was such a sweet surprise since he doesn't really care for V-Day either. So, I was rather shocked to come home and find him all bent out of shape that I had spent the evening in Topeka. He is the king of imagining the worst of all possible scenarios so he had been driving himself crazy all night. Needless to say, the rest of the evening was spent assuaging his overactive imagination.

Saturday, I got to have another blate and I met the one and only Nancy Clue! We met up with the kids at SkyZone. This was the first time either of us had been there so it was a bit overwhelming at first, but once we got started, it was a blast. I love trampolines and I did not care that the ratio of adults jumping to children was like 1 to 100. Lindsay and I jumped for 30 minutes and the girls all got to jump for an hour. They also discovered the foam pit and spent a while over there. I think they all had a blast and as everyone left all red-faced and sweaty. We stopped for lunch at Wendy's and I hope that Lindsay was amused by all the girls. They are quite entertaining if you just sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Of course, being the bad blogger I am, I did not get any pictures of the two of us together. Next time when we meet up sans kiddos, pictures will definitely be in order... as will beer.

I also got the pleasure of taking Hannah prom dress shopping this weekend. As usual, I didn't really plan very well, so the number of places we went were limited. I need to take her to the really nice mall. We hit up Macy's and Dillard's. Dillard's had a bigger selection, but they were also a lot more expensive. Hannah, like her mother, is very frugal when it comes to clothes and can't imagine spending $200 on a dress, even if it is for prom. She did find a couple that she liked, but none that she absolutely loved so we'll try again in a couple weeks. We did have some fun while shopping though, as you may have seen on IG.

That coat was so adorable, but it was a small and it was just too expensive for me. Like I said, I'm frugal when it comes to clothes (read: cheap ass). That pink dress was also a major contender, so we may go back and get it. It fit her well and was modest enough so her boobs weren't hanging out.

I did manage to get on the treadmill on Sunday and I surprised myself by running 4 miles. I just felt really good and just kept going. I was thinking that I might run 2 or 3 since I hadn't run in over a week, so 4 felt amazing.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Any fun shopping expeditions?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Toddlers are Evil

It must be true that your youngest child is the "worst" to remind you why you are not having any more kids. This toddler is going to be the death of me.

Oh sure, she looks sweet and innocent.
 To be honest, she is basically a really good kid. She is polite and sweet, says please and thank you and gives great hugs. She also throws wicked tantrums, throws herself on the floor and likes to cry for no reason. Don't even get me started on the hair brushing. I know it is the age, but holy hell I'm ready for it to be over.

I'm well aware that it will never be truly over, though. As my kids grow up, each age brings with it different challenges and different joys. Although, all of the girls still seem to be terrified of getting their toenails trimmed. As if I'm going to slip and accidentally snip off a toe. Since I have nothing else going on, I thought I would reminisce about all the girls as toddlers today. I wish I had more pictures, but I don't have a printer/scanner yet which is next on my need to buy list.

Hannah used to have the most terrifying temper tantrums I've ever seen. She would roll around on the floor screaming inconsolably and would not want to be picked up. Harrowing times, I tell you and completely baffling. It is amazing I had another child after her. That may explain the 4 year wait, though.

Cordie was a very sweet child, but man was she ornery. She always knew how to work her parents though. She emptied and entire bottle of baby powder all over her room and covered Paige in the process. I have a great picture of Paige sitting on the floor looking like a chubby white ghost with her little baby rolls (she was about 9 months old). Cordie also prompted my first call to poison control when she slathered turtle wax all over Paige's face (they were about 4 and 2 at this point). Not poisonous on the skin, just so you know.

Paige slept in her car seat until she was about 6 months old. She cried whenever we put her in her crib and so the carseat saved our sanity. She was supposed to be the flower girl in my sister, Angie's wedding when she was two. Well, traveling with four kids and sleeping in a hotel room was not conducive to naptime. Needless to say, she had an epic meltdown and would not walk down the aisle. Hannah did not have a good day that day, either. The wedding was outside in September and her allergies were really bothering her. She is crying in just about all the pictures.

Elsa saved her "toddlerhood" until she turned 7 or 8. She was pretty much a dream baby and I'll admit I spoiled her a little because I thought she was going to be my last. She was always a very happy baby and was much loved by her big sisters too. She did take a binky until she was almost 4 years old, though. I had to have the "Binky Fairy" come and take it away so she would stop sucking on it at night. In the past couple of years though, she has thrown some monster tantrums. She is one who likes to make everyone miserable until she gets what she wants.

Emmeline loves dirt and mud and playing outside. On more than one occasion, she has come home with her coat pockets filled with little pinecones she picked up outside at daycare. If the weather is warm enough to play outside, we can usually find her happily playing in a dirt pile. Earlier this week though, it was wet and she came home covered in mud. She had splashed around in the toilet earlier in the day effectively soaking herself and requiring a clothes change. The shirt and skirt that they put on her were not quite the best choice however for going outside to play in 50 degree weather. She went straight to the bathtub when we got home.
Not a happy camper
Any fun toddler stories to share?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nerding out

So, I'm not linking up for weigh-in Wednesday today. Between Mardi Gras drinks and eating on the road, the scale is not my friend today. Oh well, I'm not going to stress about it.

I'm working from home today which means that I actually have a little extra time to catch up on all my favorite blogs. I can't believe how behind I am. Jason and I got our tax returns so that was an excuse to basically buy out the Apple store. We don't buy each other Christmas presents for this reason. Everything was delivered today which was the main reason I stayed home. I don't trust my neighborhood enough to leave large boxes on my doorstep all day.

We did actually need a new computer. Last year, the girls accidentally spilled a cup of water on Jason's laptop. Instead of telling us about it though, they closed it up and went to bed so it basically sat in a pool all night. I can't even begin to tell you how pissed he was. So after that, we had to use the Dell computer that I bought in 2002. My ex got the newer computer in the divorce. He also got the newer car and I got the piece of shit minivan. Moral of the story: don't cheat on your husband, you'll get the shaft when it comes to the divorce. I digress.

Turns out only the hard drive needed to be replaced in the laptop so we got that taken care of. All the music and pictures are gone though, so that still sucks. We then bought a new Mac desktop (don't ask me the model, I have no idea) and I got myself an iPad Mini. Jason is practically beside himself that he's not home to play with all the new toys. He was telling me how he could hook something up to the Airport and then have it play over the surround sound speakers... (my eyes may have glazed over at this point) and he was giddy over all the nerdiness. The man does not get excited about much, but nerding out is an exception.

Okay, now I promised a giveaway when I reached 50 followers and I am now at over 100 (squee!) so a giveaway is long overdue. However, I don't know what to offer. It seems like there are so many giveaways going on and I don't want to be a copycat. Wait, isn't that a form of flattery? So, tell me, what would you, my faithful readers, like to receive? Gift cards, workout tanks, Brady Bands? Sorry, no iPads. My tax return wasn't that big. Just leave me a comment letting me know what you would like and I'll get the whole thing worked out.

Oh, and if you like giveaways, please head on over to Holly and Kristen's blogs for a chance to enter. Ends Friday!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend in St. Louis

Long weekend = so much to talk about. I am so behind, it isn't even funny. I'm still trying to play catch-up from last week. So, let me give you a recap of the past few days.

Thursday - I worked all day and although I was super busy, it still seemed like the longest day ever. I guess that happens when you know you have a little vacation coming up. After my work day finally ended, we picked up the munchkin from daycare and went home to finish packing. We got on the road at about 7:00PM and headed down south to Joplin. By the time we got there, it was nearly 10:00PM so we ended up just going to bed. This would have been easier had Emmeline not developed a wicked case of diaper rash and screamed bloody murder when we tried to change her. I'm sure the neighborhood appreciated our visit.

Friday - Jason's Nana made us delicious pancakes for breakfast, so I couldn't turn those down. I threw Miss Em in the bathtub with some baking soda since her butt was still raw and that seemed to help. We then left her in Nana's capable hands and started on our trip. I wanted to stop at Target to pick up a couple things like a swimsuit (I wasn't sure if our hotel had a pool) and pajamas (since I forgot to pack some). Two hours later, Jason flat out told me that he was over it and ready to leave. I had lost all track of time in the clothing section. Walking out of the store $200 poorer, I realized that I had forgotten to buy pajamas. I wasn't even going to try and go back in the store. I value my life too much.

On the road to St. Louis at last! It was a pretty boring drive as Missouri does not have a lot of roadside scenery, but it wasn't interminable. Got to our hotel and managed to drive around the block about 4 times trying to find the parking garage. I finally gave up and went with valet parking. Totally worth the extra money. Our hotel room was really nice and I think we got a great price through Priceline. We rested up a bit and then headed out to meet Holly, Hubby Jack and Darci for dinner at a fun Mexican restaurant.

Saturday - Mardi Gras Day! I did actually get up early and ran on the treadmill in the hotel's fitness room. I could see some people going outside to run, but at 30 degrees, I'll stay inside thankyouverymuch.  Holly, Darci, Mel and Chris showed up at our room and we all headed out to go catch the parade. Although it was very chilly to start the day, the sun came out later and warmed things up a bit. We all ended up having a great time. Jason and Chris bonded like true bros and the other girls and I laughed a lot. I drank way too much because I forgot I'm not 22 anymore, but it was worth it. I also entertained some guys by gnawing on a large turkey leg for lunch. We took a taxi back to the hotel and crashed for the rest of the afternoon.

One of these guys really likes having his picture taken
 Sunday - We woke up to a torrential downpour Sunday morning so we didn't really linger too long in the room. Again, valet service paid for itself by having the car pulled around. We stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for some good hangover breakfast and got back on the road again. I think it took me about 30 minutes before I fell asleep in the car and slept most of the way. We wanted to stop in Springfield to eat at Lambert's Cafe for lunch which apparently is a famous novelty place to eat. I was not super impressed, I have to say. It is basically Southern home cooking food served family style and they throw the rolls at you. Let's just say that there weren't a lot of "fit" people eating there. Plus, I don't want anyone to throw my food at me. Just place it on my plate and I'm good. After that, we swung back by Joplin to grab the kiddo and headed back north to KC.

It was a long weekend with a lot of driving, but I really had so much fun. I love meeting up with my blogger friends and the time away was just was I needed. It will probably take me another week to get caught up on all my blog reading. I'm sure I'll crawl out from underneath my computer at some point.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back to weight loss Wednesday

First off, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in my link-up yesterday! It was a rousing success and I love reading everyone's name stories. I'm still trying to get through all the links, but have no fear, I will read them all! You can still link up through Friday so feel free to add your own story. I have enjoyed reading all these new blogs. So much fun. I'll have to do more of these.


As you may have read here, I shunned my scale for the month of January. It felt so good not to stress over every little pound. However, I kept up with my running and did not go crazy with the unhealthy foods. Now for February, I set myself some new goals and I signed up for a new Dietbet so it is back to the scale again.  Today, I am linking up with Erin & Alex to get back on the weight loss train. I did not weigh myself this morning, but my official beginning weight for the Dietbet on Monday was 145.6. Pretty damn good considering I started off January at 150 lbs. This also means that I am 10 lbs away from my original goal of 135! So, I just have to lose 5.8 lbs this month to win my Dietbet and hit the 40 lb mark. This is going to be my month, I can feel it.

I went downstairs to my old department at work on Monday to talk to someone and I saw a few people that I hadn't seen in a while. It was really great to hear them tell me that I looked fantastic and one woman didn't even recognize me at first! Quite the testament to how far I've come.

High School reunion July 2012 - about 169 lbs here
Same dress today - 145 lbs
These pictures really make me wish that I had started my journey earlier so I could have looked tons better at my reunion. However, I am proud that I did get that kick in the ass and I did start. It is never too late!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's in a Name Link-Up


I happen to love baby names, like strangely obsessive love them. I may also visit the site a little more often than I should. Since I seem to be surrounded by a lot of pregnant women lately, I thought that it would be fun to have a link-up to discuss names. Of course, you don't have to have a baby to discuss your favorite names. Many people have their special furbabies and I would love to hear those name stories too.

I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to name five beautiful girls. I got to think about boys names for a hot minute until the results of the ultrasound came through. Oh well, at this point I can't even imagine having a boy. I love all my girls. I'm getting off the subject.

Hannah Rose - Had I known how popular Hannah was going to become, I would have thought twice about using it. However, I love the name as it is classic and lends itself well to a very German last name. Rose is my middle name and was also my mother's and grandmother's. I tried to use family names with all the girls' middle names.

Cordelia Grace - If you have not seen the movie, The Happiest Millionaire, I encourage you to do so. It was always a favorite of mine and Lesley Ann Warren's character's name was Cordelia. This name was a risk, but it worked as my ex had two great-grandmothers named Odelia and Grace. We call her Cordie and I can't imagine her named anything else. However, when I delivered her and told the Dr. what her name was, he asked if it was from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Um, no. Thanks for playing.

Paige Nanette - Since I got to pick Cordie's name, my ex got to choose Paige's name. I really wanted to go with Moira, but he got the final say. It works for her though. It is a cute and spunky name just like she is. Nanette is my sister's middle name as well, but it is also a tribute to my former mother in law, Nancy.

Elsa Ruth - I was convinced that Elsa was going to be a boy and had the name Henry all picked out, but instead I got another little blond baby girl. I wanted to go with a more Scandinavian name again to go with our German last name. I was really drawn to Elsa, but was also closely looking at Lily. Since Lily seemed to be gaining popularity rapidly, we chose Elsa and I love it. The blond beauty in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade didn't hurt either. Ruth is a family name on both sides.

Emmeline Marlena - Jason had the name Emaline picked out from very early on. It is the name of a song from one of his favorite bands, Ben Folds 5. We also seriously considered the name Violet, a name I still love. Marlena was tough. I wanted a name to honor my mom, Marlene, who had passed away and Hannah already had her middle name. I didn't like the way the two names both had the hard N at the end so we changed it to Marlena. We also compromised on the spelling of Emmeline since we really didn't want it to be shortened to Emma (and I liked it better with 2 E's). The older girls call her Emme sometimes, or the Divine Miss Em.

So there you have it. I could definitely turn this post into a 10 page short story, but I'll spare you. Thanks for linking up and I can't wait to read everyone else's stories.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend pics

It was pretty low-key for me and the girls this past weekend. I did manage to shower at least once though, so that was a highlight. Saturday, we just hung around the house and played with each other's hair. Really wild and crazy.

Hannah doing her best Ashley Olsen impression

Cordie and I

Snuggling with Paige

Elsa snagged my phone and took a lot of selfies
 Sunday, I got up and made it a point to go for a run. I had let myself slack off for a week and it was time to get back at it. I actually got out our portable DVD player and after spending 15 minutes looking for all the cords, got it set up in front of the treadmill. I have to say that it was a massive improvement over staring at Jason's tool wall. I ran two miles, walked a mile and then ran two more all in exactly one hour. It felt really good to get back to running. I don't know why I felt the need to "rest" for a whole week. And even though I really wasn't feeling it, I did day 1 of the Ripped in 30 and I'm proud of myself for getting it done.

That's about all I've got. I told you that it was a lazy weekend and I was not kidding. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my "What's in a Name" link-up. I am a sucker for baby names and I love hearing the stories of how people picked out their kids' names. Furbaby names are welcome too!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

I am linking up with MrsEyeCanSee for Friday Confessionals today. I just found Emily's blog and I think she is hilarious. Plus, she lives in KC so maybe I can actually meet her sometime. Not that she knows who I am yet, cause I like to play it creepy. Anyway, here are my confessions.

  • I was just told by my sister that my face looks weird since I colored my hair. Okay, maybe those weren't her exact words. She strongly hinted that I should now darken my eyebrows to more closely match my darker hair. Same diff.
  • Blonde eyebrows and eyelashes are the scourge of my life.
  • I still haven't run/worked out since Sunday. Big plans for the weekend though including a date with Jillian.
  • I have already filed my taxes. That refund cannot come soon enough.
  • My shower is still gutted from Jason's "weekend project" last July. Anyone know someone that does home improvement projects on the cheap? I'm getting desperate here.
  • I almost wish that I could just skip over the next week. Jason and I are taking a weekend away to St. Louis to celebrate Mardi Gras with Mel, Holly and Darci. Oh, and I believe Hubby Jack will be there too so Jason has some male companionship. That sounded weird. I have been looking forward to this trip for about a month now and am so excited! I need a kid-free weekend away with good friends, booze and tattoos. Can not wait.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to stop back by next Tuesday. I will be hosting my very first link-up for "What's in a Name?" I'm only slightly obsessed with baby names and too many people around me are having babies.

What's your Friday confession?