Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Confessional

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

I am linking up with MrsEyeCanSee for Friday Confessionals today. I just found Emily's blog and I think she is hilarious. Plus, she lives in KC so maybe I can actually meet her sometime. Not that she knows who I am yet, cause I like to play it creepy. Anyway, here are my confessions.

  • I was just told by my sister that my face looks weird since I colored my hair. Okay, maybe those weren't her exact words. She strongly hinted that I should now darken my eyebrows to more closely match my darker hair. Same diff.
  • Blonde eyebrows and eyelashes are the scourge of my life.
  • I still haven't run/worked out since Sunday. Big plans for the weekend though including a date with Jillian.
  • I have already filed my taxes. That refund cannot come soon enough.
  • My shower is still gutted from Jason's "weekend project" last July. Anyone know someone that does home improvement projects on the cheap? I'm getting desperate here.
  • I almost wish that I could just skip over the next week. Jason and I are taking a weekend away to St. Louis to celebrate Mardi Gras with Mel, Holly and Darci. Oh, and I believe Hubby Jack will be there too so Jason has some male companionship. That sounded weird. I have been looking forward to this trip for about a month now and am so excited! I need a kid-free weekend away with good friends, booze and tattoos. Can not wait.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to stop back by next Tuesday. I will be hosting my very first link-up for "What's in a Name?" I'm only slightly obsessed with baby names and too many people around me are having babies.

What's your Friday confession?


  1. Wow, you kicked butt on the taxes! Do you do them yourself or hire a pro? Our appt is scheduled for end of Feb, I am anxious to see the results. W/ me not working I get nervous that w/o childcare we don't have enough deductions and will have to pay in. Yikes! The last 2 yrs have been good to us, lets hope the streak continues! Have a fun weekend!

  2. YAY!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you both. WOOT WOOT!!!!!

  3. Yea for the taxes.. Filed mine the 30th and just found out theres going to be a delay because of the school form I had to fill out for being a student.. Damn you form 8863. Hope you have a great weekend. And I can't wait for your link up.

  4. I feel you on the blonde eyebrows! Mine aren't completely blonde, but the ends get highlighted by the sun. And my eyebrows are sparse, but long and curly (seriously, they are so effed up). I use a pencil to give them a better shape and then fill them in with a light brown powdered eye shadow. I know they make brow color, but I find the shadow works just as well! I need to get some professional help with these babies, though...trying to hold off plucking for a while so I can get them threaded! Screw eyebrows!

  5. Get your eyelashes tinted!! I have white eyelashes too, so I get them tinted at least every 2 months (but would totally go every month if I had the time). It's really cheap too!!
    Can't wait for the link up!! Can't you give me a hint on what to write about? ;)

  6. Curse of the eyebrows! Mine are black and I always feel like I can't dye my hair too light for the same reason. It just looks weird.

  7. SO JEALOUS of your STL trip! Cant wait for your link up!!

  8. I'm with Kimmy... Jealous for your Mardi Gras trip... I hope y'all have so much fun! One of these days I'll be done with school and can afford fun trips like this! I'll be green with envy... So make sure you document it all via instagram so I can pretend I'm there! Get lots of beads!!!

  9. Sounds like a fun trip coming up, how exciting!

  10. Don't you just love sisters sometimes? I hope I get a chance to hang out with you girls next weekend. Fingers crossed!