Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Liebster time again!

I was lucky enough to be nominated for a Liebster award by three lovely ladies and since I am a huge slacker, I am just now getting to addressing these.

Here are the rules.
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

Answer the question the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.
Go to their page and tell them.
No tags back!
11 Things about Me
I am going to take the lazy route here since this post is already ridiculously long. You can read things about me here, here and here. I'm amazing, really.

First up, I have these questions posed to me by the lovely Alicia. She has a modern family of her own also with 5 kids and is just as sweet as she can be. Plus, she loves beer. Friend in my book!
  1. What is your dream vacation? I desperately want to travel around Europe and visit all the fun touristy places as well as the “off the beaten path” places.
  2. Your favorite childhood memory?
  3. How you started blogging? I just thought it would be fun to start doing since I enjoyed reading everyone else’s.
  4. Favorite color? Orange
  5. First thing you do in the morning? Pee, then shower
  6. Night owl or morning person? Night Owl most definitely. I absolutely hate getting up early.
  7. Favorite TV show? Right now it is Amazing Race, I’m addicted.
  8. Ideal night out? A casual night out with a group of friends for a few drinks and a lot of laughs
  9. Beer or wine? Both, depends upon my mood
  10. What's your job? I work on quarterly statements for a large 401(k) recordkeeping company.
  11. Favorite season? Summer, bring on the heat!
Next up, is the amazing Jennifer. This girl absolutely cracks me up with her blog posts and her pics on IG.

  1. Who is your embarrassing celeb crush?  If you only love the pretty publicly acceptable celebs who is your crush in general? I have always had a weird crush on Tim Curry, love him.
  2. Who is your favorite musician/artist/autotuned aficionado? Tough call, I like so many different musicians/bands. Alternative rock is probably my genre of choice, though.
  3. What is your favorite book either of all time or book de jour? The Eight by Katherine Neville – love this book and have read it too many times to count
  4. What is the funniest memory you have? My sister trying to figure out why “the clap” was a slang term for gonorrhea or syphilis. I have not laughed that hard in a really long time.
  5. What is the most important trait in a significant other? Sense of humor
  6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Right now, the Caribbean. I need a vacation somewhere tropical.
  7. What did you want to be when you grew up? An actress as I have a flair for the dramatic
  8. If you could meet one person living or dead, who would it be and why? Agatha Christie, I think she would be a fascinating old broad to have a chat with.
  9. What talent do you wish you possessed? I wish I could be organized.
  10. What song would you blare at full volume and sing at the top of your lungs? Wake Up Call by Maroon 5
  11. If you could travel back in time, which decade would you visit and why? The 1880’s in England. I think it would be so much fun to experience the Season with high society
And last, but definitely not least is Nerky Meg. From her Harry Potter obsession to her general hilarity, I knew we were destined to be friends. She regularly cracks me up with her stories.
  1. Who is your "free pass"? This keeps changing, but at the moment I would say Adam Levine. A musician covered in tattoos? Yes, please.
  2. What is your next fitness/health goal? If you tell me, I'll keep up with you. I have been a huge slacker in this department lately. But I really would love to lose another 10-15 pounds and tone up this spare tire of pudge I have hanging around my mid-section.
  3. Have you ever stolen anything? I may have taken some shoes from Payless… while I was working there… and subsequently got fired.
  4. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a kid? An actress
  5. What do you want to be when you grow up now? I still don’t know, I just want to be important and have people admire me.
  6. What was your sluttiest Halloween costume? Be honest. I actually never did the slutty Halloween costume. The closest I came was dressing as a schoolgirl with the plaid skirt and knee socks.
  7. What are you scared shitless of? Something bad happening to one of my kids. I also have an irrational fear of driving off a bridge into a river. I’ve had numerous dreams about it. Someone psychoanalyze me please.
  8. What is your secret talent?  I have a pretty decent singing voice, but never sing in public. I also have a vast knowledge of useless trivia.
  9. Tell me a secret. I may have just received my first new “toy”.
  10. Tell me a story from your childhood. When I was about 9 years old, my siblings and I were over at my grandparents’ house. Everyone else was napping and I was bored and decided I wanted to go home. I ended up walking about 2 miles or so to my house and freaked everyone out when they woke up.
  11. Are you a neat freak? I wish, but no. I pretty much exist in “clean clutter”. I hate to clean and will put it off as long as possible. At work, however, I have a weird obsession with wiping off all the counters in the break room and the bathroom. Apparently, I can live with my own mess but not anyone else’s.
 BONUS: What's your if-it-didn't-have-calories-I'd-eat-that-shit-every-day food? Bagels and cream cheese

Here are my questions for my nominees:
  1. What is one thing you do when no one else is looking?
  2. Are you a books or movies type of person?
  3. What is one characteristic about yourself that you love?
  4. What is one characteristic about yourself that you hate?
  5. Most surprising thing about being a mom?
  6. Do you have siblings? What is your birth order?
  7. Do you like to read horoscopes or do you consider it all a bunch of bunk?
  8. If you could live anywhere in the country (US) where would you choose?
  9. Favorite restaurant?
  10. Are you tech savvy?
  11. What is your favorite outfit?
I don't have 11 blogs to nominate, but I do have a few. Please take a minute to show them some love!

 Have a great weekend everyone! I get to go watch the girls play soccer in the mud. Should be good times.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You Asked, He Answered - All About Jason

Today, Elle Noel, Sarah and Kassie are hosting a "Meet My Other Half" linkup. Since this coincides with a post I had already planned on doing, it is win-win. Before we get started, however, I just have to wish Jason a big Happy Birthday! (It was yesterday). Sorry that we had to sit across from the Teen mom twins at Olive Garden last night.


Linkup questions:
1. What are your thoughts on your wife's girlfriend's blog? I'm all for it. One of us needs to have friends. 
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD? IG=Instagram; OOTD= Out of touch dude
3. How long would you say you've been together? Long enough

4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in? No, but I know when I make the decision to start, I will have all the support I need.
5. Is there anything she can do to inspire you to workout/eat healthier? Threaten to leave me.
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life? Posting pictures of myself working out on FB and IG.

7. What do you like least? How much time do you have? 
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions? 42

Other questions provided by readers (I threw a couple in of my own, too):
What blogs do you read on a daily basis?
Funniest thing about "blog moms"? Everyone is sooooooooooooooooo nice and totes hilarious! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Favorite outfit you wear? shirt and jeans
How many tattoos do you have? Not enough
Do you plan to get more? Yes, a full suit eventually.

What is your dream job? Librarian
How do you handle yourself when you have all the girls at your house? I take a lot of naps. Do you feel outnumbered? No
Favorite thing about being a dad? Getting to say all the bullshit my Dad said to me, to my kid. "Because I said so, that's why!"
Favorite thing about Amanda? Boobs
Do you like music? Yes
Do you like books? Yes
What is your favorite color? Heather gray
Anything else you want to add? No

Short and sweet and to the point. I don't call him a self-proclaimed asshole for nothing. If anyone thinks of any more questions, just post them in the comments and I'll make sure he gets back to you. Oh, and you might make his day if you mention Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence, Part Deux

If you missed the epic hilarity of the first Finish the Sentence linkup, then you are in for a treat. Holly and Jake had such success that they decided to do it again!


1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...  Pretty much the same things I eat now. I honestly don't give a shit about calories. I used to track calories way back when I started to lose weight, but it got old really quickly. I know what works for me and I know what will make me feel like crap. I don't need to write down every piece of gum I put in my mouth.
2. On my Prom night.... I got to play referee between my boyfriend and my best friend who hated each other. I was so concerned about them having a good time that I couldn't loosen up and enjoy myself. I also chickened out of losing my V card so no motel room for this girl. Boy couldn't catch a break from me either since I broke up with him two months later on his birthday.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy... tomato sauce. We make homemade pizza at least once a week.
4. Family functions typically... are a lot of fun. I have a great family and we rarely have family drama. We won't talk about the time I flirted with my second or third cousin when I was 14.
5. I think my blog readers... are fabulous. I love being able to connect with people through my blog and I think it is so much fun to find things in common with people across the country.
6. I'd much rather be..... sleeping. I seriously never feel like I get enough sleep. I took a nap for the first time in months yesterday and it was amazing.
7. I have an obsession with.... The Amazing Race. I just discovered this show on Hulu and am working my way through each season. I honestly would love to be able to be on this show and travel around the world trying to win $1 million. Now, who can I talk into being on my team?
8. My work friends.... don't really know me all that well. I'm pretty quiet at work except with a few people so I don't get to know others that well. I haven't quite tapped into the whole networking thing yet.
9. When I created my Facebook account.... I used to check it obsessively from work until Big Brother shut that shit down and blocked the site.
10. My least favorite word is... chunk. It gives me the heebie jeebies just typing it.
11. I really don't remember.... what it's like to have small boobs. True story.
12. Justin Bieber.... I can take or leave. I'll admit to liking some of his songs and he doesn't seem to be quite the media whore that other celebrities are.

There you go! Now get your linkup on and join in the fun!

Monday, March 25, 2013

At Least I Got a Shower

Not too much went on for me this weekend. Saturday, I stayed home all day while we got a nice blizzard because who doesn't love a good snowstorm in March and Emmeline nearly drove me to distraction. Sunday, I got out of the house for a hot minute to run to the store since we were out of cat food. Free cats anyone? I also managed to get in a 5 mile run, so I was pretty proud of that. I've also become obsessed with the show, Amazing Race. I'm almost done with Season 3 on hulu and plan on watching all seasons before applying to be on the show. I'm only half kidding.

I took this when I was at the gas station
Jason went to the Real Deal Tattoo Convention with a friend of his and came home with a new tattoo. I'm not really a fan of skulls, but I think it turned out pretty cool. Plus, it is his birthday tomorrow, so it was his present to himself.

Done by Colin from Iron Tiger Tattoo
Emmeline's eyes have been rather watery and gunky the past couple of days so I was worried she has pink eye. I kept her home today and we are off to the doctor later. Of course, now her eyes look fine. Never fails.

Short and sweet today, but I have several Liebster awards to address, plus Jake and Holly's linkup tomorrow and Elle Noel's linkup for Wednesday where Jason will finally guest post for me. Be excited!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fat to Fit Friday

The Elsa post is a lot harder for me to write than I thought it would be, so instead today I am linking up with Marcy, Jenna and Lori for Fat to Fit Fridays.


I have been stuck in a plateau for about 2 months now. I have been hovering right around 145-147 lbs and it hasn't been going down. I did have my own personal "cleanse" last Saturday after having some beers Friday night and saw 143 on the scale, but that didn't last too long.

I have just been having a lot of trouble with motivating myself to get off the couch and work out. Last week, I started back up on Jillian's Ripped in 30 and I was doing so well. I managed to do it every day with one rest day. This week, I did the Week 2 session once on Sunday and I haven't touched it since. After all the muscle pain I went through the first few days, you'd think I wouldn't want to quit and go through that again. Nope, it is just too easy for me to talk myself out of a workout, especially when it is 9:00PM and all I want to do is veg on the couch.

Last night, I talked Jason into making dinner (even if it was homemade pizza) and I got my running gear on and got my butt on the treadmill. I ran for 38 minutes and depending upon whether you trust my Nike+ app or the treadmill, that was either 3.5 or 2.8 miles. Nike+ app says I'm running 11 minute miles, the treadmill says 14 min miles so I'm just going to average. If spring ever decides to get here, I'm going to get outside to run and see what my pace really is. I'm just too big of a wuss to run in cold and snow. I'm no Kate, here.

This week, I also had the chance to do a little shopping at Old Navy since I had a $25 gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I tried on a few dresses and some shirts and ended up buying a size Small in everything. I cannot remember the last time I was ever a Small. When I was hanging up my purchases, I decided to try on some of the other dresses I have in my closet. Most are a size 12/14 and they were enormous! I couldn't believe that they were just falling off of me. Such a revelation to me about how far I've come.

February 2012

I got the orange one and the green one

Sometimes, I get caught up in the little minute details of day to day life and I really just need to take a minute and look at the big picture. Does this plateau suck? Absolutely. Does this negate everything I've done so far? Absolutely not! It is just a matter of getting out of my own head and not letting me talk myself out of working it when I know that I will regret it in the long run. Maybe I also need an accountability partner. Hmmm...

What are some of the things that keep you motivated? And who wants to be my annoying friend to text me about working out?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Tuesday, so yeah

Boy, my posts are just getting later and later. My blogging mojo seems to have taken a vacation so I'm hoping it returns soon.

Just a few randoms today to lighten up after the heaviness of yesterday's post. I'll be back with the heavy stuff with my Elsa post later this week.

I've been in kind of funk lately and I'm not sure quite why. However, all the IG love I got from this picture today just lifted my spirits tremendously. My IG followers are the best.

I am not used to these 4 inch heels
 Emmeline is closer and closer to being fully potty trained. She has even gone to daycare in underwear on a couple days. She came home in different pants, but eh, it's progress.

Cordie decided to try on some of my old bridesmaids' dresses and my prom dress over the weekend. My prom dress actually fit her. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

They were dressing up like princesses
I discovered that my cat likes eggs. I had fixed myself an egg in the hole for breakfast yesterday and managed to knock my plate on the floor after about three bites. (I may have eaten a few bites off the floor). When I came back to clean up my mess after taking my plate to the kitchen, my cat was licking the floor like she hadn't eaten in days.

That's about all the random shiz I've got for today. Oh, and since everyone's panties are in a twist about GFC, if you want to follow me via BlogLovin, you can do so here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Modern Family Parenting

Parenting is tough and when you throw in two parents in different households, boyfriends, girlfriends and step-parents into the mix, then it becomes exponentially more difficult. You have differing parenting styles not to mention that each parent has the kids for different time periods.

Saturday, I packed up all the girls and we headed to the mall. Hannah still needed a prom dress and I didn't want to leave the rest of the girls with Jason. I made sure to set some ground rules before we left because I wanted everyone on their best behavior. You really haven't lived until you've been mall shopping with 5 little girls on a busy Saturday in the middle of prom season.

Fortunately, all the girls were really good for me. They found different ways to entertain themselves while Hannah tried on dresses and I made sure to visit all the stores that they wanted.

She was pretending to be a mannequin

Elsa came close to a meltdown in Build-A-Bear because I wouldn't let her get one, but she managed to recover. Hannah finally chose her dress and we started heading out of the mall. We made a stop at JCP because Cordie and Paige wanted to look at shoes. They didn't find any but Elsa found a dress that she really wanted. I shouldn't have bought it as she threw a major tantrum on Friday night. (Side note: Elsa's tantrums are legendary and I will be dedicating a whole other post to them.) However, by this point I was exhausted after being at the mall for 5 hours and I didn't have the fight left in me so I just bought the dress.

She picked the mint dress, but wouldn't let me take a picture of it on
 Jason tends to be a stricter parent than I am. He feels that I tend to make allowances for the girls because I feel guilty or because I don't want to be the "mean mom". He's right, of course. I tend to let some things slide because it doesn't seem worth the fight when I don't see them all the time. At the same time, he refuses to try to "parent" the girls. He doesn't feel like it his place since he's not their dad. However, if they do something that bothers him, he expects me to say something. For example, leaving their shoes on the floor instead of putting them in the closet or leaving trash in the car.

We got into an argument Saturday night because he didn't think that I should have bought Elsa the dress. He felt that I should have been stricter about punishment as a direct result of her behavior Friday night. He was trying to get me to see his point of view, which I did, I just felt like he was wrong and so I was being stubborn about it. I may have stormed off and proceeded to drink an entire bottle of wine. Not my finest moment. Cheap wine hangovers are no bueno.

We did make up and settled on a compromise. I would keep the dress at our house for the next two weeks and Elsa would have to earn it with good behavior. She, of course, did not like that at all and screamed about her dress on the drive home. Clever girl though, she ripped the tags off the dress already so I can't return it to the store.

There is, of course, not just one "right way" to parent. I know it is just a matter of compromise and working together, but disagreements sure do make it tough.You just have to work together, whether that means working with 2 or 3 or 4 parents to help raise the best kids you can.

I haven't received any questions for Jason's guest post yet, so please leave me some in the comments or email them to me. Maybe this post will get the question asking going.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm a Lurker

Guess what, this is my 100th post! And Jason has agreed to do a guest post for me! Only problem is, he doesn't know what to write about. So, please send me your questions for him. He has agreed to talk about anything (or maybe I made that up). Still, just add your questions as comments or email them to me at
He's really excited

Today I wanted to chat about a problem I have: blog lurking. I have only recently gotten into the whole "blog scene" and so I'm still learning. I have found blogs that I love and some that I don't care for. More often than not, though, I will read and not comment on someone's post.

Almost exactly a year ago, I moved to a new position at work. Training was rather slow so I ended up having a lot of down time. I stumbled upon Mama Laughlin's site and after reading a few posts, I was hooked. I read the whole thing from start to finish, but didn't submit one comment. She had introduced Skinny Meg in one of her posts, so I went over to Megan's site and again read from start to finish without adding any comments. So, I know all about these women and are invested in their lives, yet they have no idea who I am. Do I sound like a creeper yet?

Ignore the crazy eyes
Shortly after starting my own blog in July, I did reach out to both of them and send an email telling them how much I enjoyed their blogs and how inspiring I thought they were. I didn't necessarily expect a response, but I received very sweet emails from both of them thanking me for my comments.

As I started finding more blogs to read, I was still hesitant to comment. I would think oh, this person already has 50 comments, they don't care about mine or whatever I have to say will sound lame. Wrong! I got a little giddy every time someone commented on my blog so why wouldn't someone else feel the same?

So, I started putting myself out there and adding comments and lo and behold, I started connecting with people. I have now made some great friends through blogging and it all started with a simple comment. Holly did an awesome post on Blogger 101/102 that really says this all a lot better.

Me and Holly - One of the sweetest bloggers ever
Now, even though I know that people love comments (who doesn't like being validated?), I will still go through a bunch of posts and not comment. I do follow a lot of blogs and I want to make sure they all get read on a daily basis, but I still have that self doubt about commenting. I don't have anything to say or what I do say is going to come off as dumb. Let's face it, I have issues. I'm working on it, but like everything else, it is a work in progress.
Mel - Best commenter Ever
Putting yourself out there is tough, but oh so rewarding. Now, go make someone's day and leave a comment on a blog you never have before!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Cleanse and some other stuff

Since I am a huge bandwagon jumper and just have to do what all the cool kids are doing, I just completed the Advocare 10 day cleanse along with half of the blogging world. I was rather disappointed with my results, so let me get to the down and dirty.

I had the meals planned out and I had the groceries bought, but I did not anticipate the prep time that would accompany some of the meals I had chosen. I was in the kitchen for several hours the first few nights and I was so burned out with cooking. The meals I made were really good, though and will most likely be incorporating some into our regular rotation (I'll make Jason do all the veggie chopping, though). I also successfully made mashed cauliflower for the first time. Turns out you don't want to put it in the blender and puree.

The start of the cleanse also coincided with me getting one of the worst colds I've had in a really long time. Major congestion, sinus headache and overall fatigue just contributed to me feeling like utter crap the first few days. I couldn't tell if the nasty headache I had was from the lack of caffeine or my sinuses being blocked up, but I was miserable.

The supplements really did not have a huge effect on my body, if anything, I felt more bloated the first few days. Unlike so many others, though, the fiber drink did not bother me. It was like pulpy orange juice and I was adding my Emergen-C to it so it had an extra orange flavor. I did not have to chug it down, I just drank it normally. I honestly don't ever chug anything. I can't even do shots properly, I have to drink them. My biggest problem was with the giant horse pills otherwise known as the Herbal Cleanse. I do not do well with swallowing pills, never have, and so trying to get three down was killer. Jason, of course, swallowed them all in one gulp. I did end up buying Spark in an effort to bypass the caffeine withdrawal, but I didn't get it until the headaches had already stopped. I do really like it, however, and I plan on using it for my workouts. I got Grape flavor, which is really good. I know a lot of people like Fruit Punch, but I do not and I have red dye issues.

Jason, or more specifically, Jason's colon was a lot more affected by the cleanse than mine was. He was going to the bathroom multiple times a day. He also suffered from major caffeine withdrawal at first. Boy was seriously addicted to soda and sweet tea. Anyway, his bathroom adventures became so bad that he started bleeding. At that point, he quit the cleanse. I don't blame him and I feel that it was probably for the best. I wish that I had been able to get as "cleaned out".

Overall, I ended up losing 2 pounds. I actually had lost 3 by Sunday, but then gained a pound back. Over this past weekend, when Jason ended up quitting, he stopped on the way home and picked up a pizza. I wasn't going to have any since I had leftover meatloaf. However, I was feeling dejected about my progress and lazy about heating up my leftovers so I had one slice of pizza. Worst mistake ever. I don't know if it was the cheese or the crust, but I ended up getting really sick to my stomach and decided that it wasn't worth it. I started to question why I was really doing the cleanse in the first place. Honestly, my eating had not been that bad. I really don't eat carbs that much and I've all but given up dairy. The truth was that I had seen the result that Mel had and I wanted an easy way to lose weight. That was it in a nutshell.

Of course, there is no easy way to lose weight as this awesome lady pointed out. You have to work for it and that's what I wasn't doing. I hadn't worked out in over two weeks, I was being lazy and looking for "the magic pill". After I had my little epiphany, though. I got up off my ass and went for a run on the treadmill. I then started back up with Jillian's Ripped In 30. My plan is to get through all 30 for once. I have been gaining and losing the same three pounds for two months and I'm over it. I want to break out of the 140's for good and get into the 130's. I want to be finally happy with the way that I look. Even though I now wear a size 6/8 and have received tons of compliments about my progress, I still haven't hit that "happy place".

So, I am back on the workout wagon. I am going to keep doing Jillian (heh) for the next 3 1/2 weeks and I am going to keep running. I have the Warrior Dash at the end of April that I need to be ready for. Turns out that someone else volunteered to run the half marathon that I was going to have to do and I'm okay with that. Plus, we cannot forget Operation Red Bikini. I plan to have my ass in a bikini at the pool this summer and I'm going to rock it. My stomach has not seen the sun in years, though, so I'll be sure to have extra sunscreen on hand.

There you have it. I was going to ramble about some other stuff, like how Missouri is the meth capital of the US, but this post has gotten really long so I'll save it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I am Awesome

So, epic blogger fail for not getting a post up on Monday morning. Normally I blog at work, but it was just way to busy for me today. It is still Monday, so technically I got it in under the wire. Moving on...

I am linking up with the awesome woman that is Fat Chick to Fit Chick. I love reading this girl's blog because she is genuinely funny and down to earth and her husband is a crackup on IG too.

Let's talk about why I am awesome. First up, there is the fact that I am a redhead. Yes, I am a proud, soul stealing, freckled ginger and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyone can be a blond or brunette, but it takes a special personality to be a redhead. And wouldn't you know it, out of 5 children, not one of them got the ginger gene. Shame.

Going along with that, I have long ago accepted the fact that I will never be tan. I do get a little color in the summer, even with my SPF 100 sunscreen, but it is mostly pink. I don't want to be tan, though. Embrace the pale, people! You don't need a tan, whether it is from the sun, a bed or a spray, to be beautiful. I'm hoping that translucent will be the next phase to sweep the nation. I will totally have the in!

I have seen pretty much every animated Disney movie ever made and furthermore, I could probably sing every song to you. My children seem to think it is embarrassing, but they just haven't learned to fully appreciate the raw talent that is their mother.

When Jason and I first started getting to know each other, I caught him whistling a familiar tune one day. As soon as I recognized it from Robin Hood, I was a goner. Who whistles the Rooster's song from  a 1973 Disney classic? Oh, my man, that's who.

I am really close to getting Jason to do a guest post for me. He just needs to sit down and write it. Poor guy is absolutely swamped at work, though. He didn't even get a weekend because he had to go to the office both days. My weekend was very boring. Stuck at home with a demanding two year old is the highlight of any woman's week. She was actually really good for me except when she peed on the bed. I swear this girl is going to be 15 before she gets potty trained.
Good thing she's cute
Tell me all the ways that you are being awesome today!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Link-up Friday

So today we have a couple of link-ups going. I am trying to make up for my lack of posting this week. Between being sick and being busy at work, the blog sometimes takes a backseat, unfortunately.


First up, we have the Finish the Sentence link-up with Holly and Jake

1. People always tell me... I don't look my age.
2. In the movie based on my life... I will probably look like the bad guy.
3. Typically, I end up regretting... not calling someone.
4. I always ask to leave off the.... mayonnaise. I just really don't care for it.
5. Kim and Kanye really... need to not be talked about anymore.
6. My Parents always reminded me... to be respectful of others.
7. Every single day I... think of my daughters.
8. This one time in College... I passed out on the front lawn of my dorm.
9. My grossest habit is... picking boogers out of my toddler's nose.
10. My latest white lie was... I actually can't remember. I have lied enough in my life, so now I usually just tell the truth.
11. I know all the words to... most Britney Spears songs.
12. When I grow up... I want to travel the world and stay in exotic places.
13. Sexy time is... always good and very satisfying.
14. I will never, ever... start making my own clothes. 
15. I think it's hilarious... ah, too many things to list here. I love to laugh and often at the strangest things.

 photo lorafridayfaves_zps9cd83b5d.jpg

Next up, we have Friday favorites link-up with Lora. However, I cannot get her button link to work. Now, like I said, I have been super busy or on death's doorstep this week so I haven't read a lot. I'll have to play catchup this weekend. One post though, really touched my heart.

I love this lady and have been very lucky to meet her IRL and she was just as sweet and funny as could be. Her post When your saddest fear comes creeping really spoke to me. It was poignant and heartfelt and if you've ever dealt with a child of divorce, then I suggest you read it immediately.

That's it for today cause it is back to the trenches for me. Looking forward to the weekend and the end of this damn cleanse. I'm still waiting for the "feeling amazing" to kick in. Hasn't happened yet and I'm a little bitter about it.

Anyone else ready to kick the cleanse to the curb?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forget Chinese Water Torture

Stick a sick man in a room with a demanding toddler and I guarantee he will crack under the pressure. This has actually been me the past couple of nights. This cold is kicking my ass and Emmeline has not been accommodating in the least. Monday night, I was trying to fix dinner and Jason had gone to lie down due to a headache. (Homeboy is suffering from caffeine withdrawal in the worst way). Dinner was proving to be a little more labor intensive than I would have liked and Miss Em decided that she needed something. Here was the scenario:
EM: Mommy
ME: Yes, dear?
EM: Mommy
ME What, Emmeline?
EM: Mommy
ME: Please tell me what you need.
EM: Mommy
ME: If you cannot tell me what you want, then go back in the other room.
EM: Mommy

And she runs into the other room crying. I may have proceeded to have a little tantrum at this point and I may have slammed a drawer a few times which may have resulted in breaking a couple large spoons. Not my finest Mommy moment. I had to go wake up Jason to ask him for help because otherwise I was going to lose it... again.
She really is too cute to stay mad at for long

Since it's Wednesday and I had my wellness assessment at work this morning, I'll go ahead and link up with Erin and Alex. I actually received three different weights this morning. My scale at home said 145.7. The scale at the assessment read 146.6, but the woman wrote down 144.8 on my sheet. Not sure what that was about, so I'm just going with my at home scale. Either way, it is a loss from last week's 148 so I'll take it. Plus, my body fat percentage is now in the healthy range again. Woohoo!


In other news, I inadvertently volunteered to run a half marathon in May. My company participates in an annual Corporate Challenge in which you can sign up to participate in a variety of events. It is a lot of fun and I always participate, I just usually stick to the events I know I can handle, like softball and tug of war. Two years ago, I got talked into doing the 800M run. I thought that I could surely handle two laps around a track. Wrong. I couldn't make it one lap without stopping and then I got disqualified. So, that was rather humiliating. The half marathon event was just added last year and apparently they did not get someone in my age group to sign up this year. So, when I got an email asking if I would be interested in doing it, I responded only if no one else wants to. Of course no one else wants to do it, otherwise they would have signed up! Oh well, the event is May 18 so I do have two months to train for it. Who knows, I may actually enjoy it. Or, I'll end up walking the entire thing finishing in over three hours and getting disqualified. It could go either way, actually.

Anyone else volunteer to do something crazy lately?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday blahs

Monday morning and I'm feeling like death warmed over. Pretty apropos, I suppose. I have been hit with a nasty head cold and have been sneezing and coughing all weekend. I really just want to curl up in bed, but I actually have real work to do so in the office I am. At least I look pretty good.

My weekend was super low-key. I just had Paige and Elsa this weekend, and since I wasn't feeling great we just stayed in. I was hoping they would go outside and make me a snowman for my front yard, but that never happened. Guess I'll keep on having snowman envy of my neighbors'.

Jason kind of clued me in to the fact that I spend a lot of time in sweatpants at home. I got up Sunday morning and showered and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He asked me why I was so dressed up. Ouch. To my credit, we do work together so he does see me dressed up for work. I just don't put in the effort on weekends, apparently.

I did take the girls to Costco on Sunday (the reason for me "dressing up") as I had to get my food ready for the 10 day cleanse that everyone in the blog world is doing these days. However, whiny kids + bitchy mama + too many people = everyone in a bad mood. That place was too busy for me to handle when I wasn't feeling good and Elsa whining about this, that and the other did nothing to help my mood.

After I dropped the girls off with their dad last night, I hit up Hy-Vee to pick up the remaining things that I couldn't get at Costco which meant that my food prep didn't begin until almost 9:30PM. Needless to say, I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I was prepared for today. Until I got to work and realized that I left the lettuce for my salad in the refrigerator. Perfect.

Happy Cleanse week everyone!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Confessional and a Winner

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

A little confessional time and then I'll announce the winner of the giveaway.

I was really touched by all the sweet comments I received about my post yesterday. Infidelity isn't an easy thing to talk about, but everyone was so supportive. I love you guys.

I have not lost any weight this month, I've actually gained a pound. But, other than losing $35 in my Dietbet, I'm okay with it. My choices led to this and I can't be mad.

I'm getting to the point where I'm good with my body. Sure I still have issues, flabby tummy and loose skin but I know what I need to do. Jason actually told me that I had a smoking hot body this morning. God I love that man.

I will only have two of the girls with me this weekend so I need to think of something to do. Cordie has a birthday party to go to and Hannah has some college prep class she signed up for. It used to really bother me when one of the girls skipped a weekend, but I know it isn't malicious. They're kids, they have friends and activities going on. I'm cool with it. There is always the phone and Skype.

Emmeline is now hyper aware of the weekend when her sisters are here. When I got home from Target last Friday night, she came running in the kitchen and looked down the stairs yelling for her fwiends. Killed me. So sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

Potty training is going so-so. It is getting better, but still struggling with her peeing in her pull-ups. We were out at a restaurant last night and she announced that she had to go potty. We went to the bathroom and I tried to help her pull down her pants, but she swatted me away and yelled, "I do it!". The battle cry of the 2 year old. However, she hemmed and hawed so long that by the time she actually pulled her pants down, she had already peed. At least she is making the effort, I suppose.

We did eat Mexican last night and it was delicious. I had Chicken and Avocado Enchiladas, but I did not scarf down the whole plate so I have leftovers for lunch today. Progress, people.

And now, this winner of My Favorite Places Giveaway is:  Amanda Schuller
Amanda, please email your address to and I will get your prizes to you.

Thanks everyone for entering! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Anyone have fun plans for the weekend that don't involve snow?