Monday, April 29, 2013

Good Day to get Muddy

Saturday morning dawned cold and rainy, not your ideal weather if you are going to run 3 miles through a difficult obstacle course. Jason and I met my sister, Rachel and her boyfriend for a big breakfast at a local place known for chicken and waffles. I actually passed on the chicken and waffles because I don't really eat fried chicken anymore (it grosses me out) so I loaded up on pancakes with eggs and bacon. I'm pretty sure I waddled out of the restaurant, but it was so good.

We then hit up Costco and spent less than $100 for the first time ever in that store. Jason then wanted to get a new pair of jeans so we found some at Old Navy. I did want to look in Dick's to see if I could find just a plain long sleeve running shirt (ON didn't have any), but Emmeline was in pre-meltdown mode so we just went home so she could go down for a nap. I was still full from breakfast so I laid down for a bit and ended up snoozing for an hour.

Racetime was scheduled for 4:00PM so Rachel and Ronnie showed up at about 2:30. Emmeline was still sleeping so Jason decided to stay home with her rather than chase her around a muddy field for two hours while we did the race. Turned out to be a good decision.

We got there and checked in with plenty of time to stretch and hit up the port-a-potties. The waves were running about every half hour so it was fun to see everyone who had finished just come out covered in mud. We headed over to the starting gate and there were tons of people milling about, dancing to the music and just having a great time. It was still overcast and about 56 degrees, though. Thank you, mother nature.

Look how clean we are
The race got started and we all started running. The first mile was obstacle free but there were a few hills. I think the running part of hit was the hardest for me. I have really been slacking in my training and so I hadn't run in about a week. Once we hit the first water station, which was a complete mud bog, we slowed down to a walk and then got to the first obstacle. It was pretty easy, just crawling through a tunnel under barbed wire. More jogging and a couple more obstacles until we hit the first water pit. This was a series of three mud hills in which you slide down into a pit of muddy water. After that, running was nearly impossible as my shoes felt like they gained 10 pounds of mud. We did hit a snag in the middle where everyone was bottlenecked at one particular obstacle. It was a rope and wood wall in the shape of a W and people could just not get through it very fast. That was about a 20 minute delay, but it also kind of gave me a second wind. We were able to jog through the rest of the way until we got to the end where we leapt over the fire pit and then slogged through another muddy water pit under barbed wire.

Happy and Muddy and cold
Finishing was exhilarating and I am so glad that I did it, even if I felt like I couldn't run another step while I was in the middle. I finally got my first medal and it will be displayed proudly. We got our free beer (Miller Light) and stood around and sipped it, but I was so cold at this point that it just wasn't that much fun. They were going to start awarding prizes, but we just decided to head home. I will definitely be doing this again next year and will also be getting a babysitter because Jason is going to do it with me. No way is he missing out on this fun experience.

My medal is also a bottle opener!
Sunday, of course, was absolutely beautiful and 75 degrees. I was so sore when I got up and discovered a really nice bruise on my inner arm. We had a great lazy day, but did manage to get up and take a walk to the park for Miss Em, who had a great time. She just loves to be outside.

Corporate Challenge events begin this week so I have to get in more training. I did drag my ass on to the treadmill last night and got in a couple miles even though I really wanted to sit and drink a beer. I have Dodgeball on Tuesday night and the 5K on Saturday morning. I am determined to run that entire race without walking. I may average a 14 minute mile, but it will be done!

How were you awesome this weekend?


  1. When is the half again for your work? I forget!

  2. You and your sister look so much alike!

    Great job on your race!!

  3. Oh my gosh, what fun! Good luck at your race this weekend!