Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughtless Thursday

This is less about being thoughtless and more about being random, however there is not a synonym for the word random that begins with a T. Trust me, I checked. I just wanted the alliteration.

Anywho, Kansas City Corporate Challenge is wrapping up this week with the swimming events and then Tug of War on Saturday. Tug of War is always fun, even though we don't usually place. By the third pull I'm usually dead tired so I'll be interested to see how I fare this year being in better shape. I did get roped into some of the swimming events this week, as well. I didn't want to do it, but I'm glad I did. I forgot how much I enjoy swimming and I'm a pretty good swimmer, although not fast. I did the 50yd breaststroke (which is two laps up and down an Olympic size pool) and then got disqualified because I didn't touch both hands on the wall after the first lap. Not going to lie, I was rather pissed about that. If I'm going to drag my ass out to a swimming event, then I want it to count. I also did the 100yd medley and the 50yd backstroke. I got an awesome bruise on my elbow from whacking it on the wall during the backstroke. It goes well with the bruise I have on my leg from Melanie's coffee table and the mystery bruise I have on my right shoulder. I'm falling apart, y'all.
I'm very excited to see my girls this weekend. I have been missing them like crazy lately since I haven't seen them in almost three weeks. I don't have anything exciting planned, probably just some lazy pool time and maybe we'll catch a movie. Still, it is really more about spending time with them. I've tried Skyping, but it never seems like we're logged in at the same time. And when I call, it is always awkward silence and then passing the phone off to someone else. Oh well, just looking forward to giving them a squeeze.

I'm trying to get more into Twitter lately. I follow some really funny people and I think I have a few good thoughts here and there. Not sure that I get all the Twitter etiquette, but it is still a fun way to pass the time. Follow me if you want @zanda674

Lastly, I'll just leave you with this little gem. This damn song has been stuck in my head for two whole days. Oh, and it is blatantly obvious that she is going through her "experimental phase". You're welcome.


  1. We took the kids to Monster's University last weekend and they loved it. Not sure if the older girls would love it, but your younger ones will!

    Enjoy your girls this weekend!!

  2. I miss my 2 when they are gone with their dad like crazy. It's hard. We try to talk on the phone everyday but now that my son is older it's even harder. Hope you have a great weekend with them.