Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Yesterday while I was going through old pictures of the girls I found this little gem of Paige and it reminded me of a story I could share for Throwback Thursday.

Look how sweet she is
 A couple of weeks after Paige's 5th birthday, she woke up complaining of stomach pain. I didn't really think a lot of it, but got concerned when she was listless all weekend and the pain didn't seem to go away. By Sunday afternoon, she was in tears from being in so much pain, plus she was running a fever so I packed her up in the car and took her to the ER at Children's Mercy. 

The doctors who examined her seemed to think it was a case of extreme constipation. They took X-rays of her tummy and saw that she did have some blockage. They then wanted to give her an enema. If you have not had the pleasure of holding down a screaming 5 year old while a nurse shoots water up her bum, then you truly haven't lived. 

The enema did it's job, but the pain did not seem to decrease. They finally determined that it was appendicitis. It only took 4 hours. The hospital we were at did not do the surgery so they had to transport her by ambulance to the other Children's Mercy hospital downtown while I followed in the car. I was so scared for my little girl and upset that I couldn't be with her in the ambulance. I was on the phone with my ex (we were still married at the time) and he was making arrangements for the other girls so he could join us at the hospital.

By the time they got her in to do the surgery, it was the next morning and we had spent the night in the hospital. The surgery went very well, but we found out that her appendix has already ruptured. That was rather disconcerting. They had done the procedure via laproscopy through her belly button so she doesn't have the wicked scar that I do. 

She ended up staying in the hospital for a week and my ex and I alternated taking days off work so one of us would always be there. She was a trooper and loved being in charge of her pain medication button (even though it was timed). We went through another trauma when they had to remove the catheter and make her get up and walk to go to the bathroom, but otherwise she healed up very nicely.

Definitely not an experience I ever want to repeat but I am very grateful that Paige came through with flying colors. 
My little diva

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  1. Aww, poor Paige and poor Mama! I would have been terrified just as you were. I'm so glad she came through it well! Thanks so much for linking up with Throw-back Thursday!