Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sweating it out

Well, my computer at work is not allowing me to type anything on blogger so I'm doing this post from my iPad. This should be fun. That was also the reason for no post yesterday. I really did have good intentions, but technology thwarted me. That and work. I did think about typing this up last night, which would have been the smart thing to do, but that didn't work out either. I did have a little mini victory with myself, though. I got my ass on the treadmill and ran for a full hour. I did take a couple walk breaks, but I ran the majority. I was so proud of myself since I have been thinking about doing it since last Friday. I just kept making excuses not to. Story of my life.

I decided to drive down to Topeka Saturday to watch Paige and Elsa's first soccer game of the year. This is the first year they're both on the same team. Despite it being hotter than Hades outside, the girls did great and the team won. They play on a coed team and all the kids are very sweet and the coach is great. I had brought Emmeline along with me too, and she kept wanting to go out on the field with her fwiends. 
After the game we went back to my ex's house so the girls could shower and then we were going to head to the mall to visit Hannah at work. Nothing like having your entire family descend on you at work. I was sweating my butt off from being outside and my clothes were soaked. Gross. I ended up snooping around Cordie's room to see what clothes I could borrow. Her room was closer than Hannah's. I actually found a cute tank top from Old Navy (large) and some size 7 jean shorts that I fit into (they were really stretchy). Not a bad little ego boost to fit into your 13 year old's clothes. Or it is sad, I haven't decided which. Sunday was my day of lounge. I did absolutely nothing and only put a bra on to take Emmeline to the park. I kind of wish I had made it to the pool since it was the perfect day for it, but oh well. I had told myself that I was going to get a good run in but that didn't happen either. One thing they did happen was Jason and I actually planned out our meals for the week. This is a big deal as we are the worst planners ever. It is so nice to know exactly what we are going to cook and we don't have to have that dreaded conversation every damn night. Winning!


  1. OMG I love that butterfly clip in E's hair. So adorable!

  2. Great job for the run :) And fitting into your 13 year old's clothes?? I call that WINNING :)