Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So, I am at the point where I want to make a change to my hair. This happens fairly often, although I've noticed that I tend to recycle the same 3 styles over and over. My hair used to be really thick but as I've gotten older, it has thinned out a bit. Not surprising considering how easily it falls out. I could knit a sweater with the amount of hair I lose in the shower on a daily basis. (Mmm, hair sweater)

Since I'm indecisive when it comes to styles and I get the stink eye from Jason every time I talk about cutting it super short (what is with men and long hair?), I decided to take a little trip down memory hair lane. Please excuse the poor quality of some the older pictures, I don't have a scanner so I basically was taking pictures of pictures last night.

Let's not forget this little gem. Senior picture for the win. My hair did not look the same as Josie Bissett's from Melrose Place. I was so bummed.

This is about sophomore year in college. Shoulder length bob with bangs. Remember this look, you'll see it again.

My trip to Paris senior year. Note to self: don't get a layered haircut and then not take a hair dryer with you for six weeks. Naturally wavy hair does not cooperate. It looked very cute when styled properly though.

Oh look, the bob is back and I have not been introduced to a straightener yet. Can we forget about my frizz for a minute and focus on the cuteness that is baby Hannah. This girl was the most adorable ball of chubbiness ever. Those cheeks! Now, she's all grown up and getting accepted to college. I'm old.

Loved this haircut. I copied Jenna Elfman from her Dharma and Greg days and it was so easy and cute.

You can't see it very well, but this was one of my favorite haircuts ever. It is basically just another version of the previous style but still loved it. Oh, I'm also 7 months pregnant with Cordie right here (and gigantic).

Oh hey, bob. Nice to see you again (not really). I grew my hair out after Cordie was born into that same boring style again.

Right after Miss Paige was born in 2002. I have a little more style in my hair (razored ends, woo!) but not much. I noticed that I have a suspicious lack of photos from 2003-2007. I believe this is when we first got a digital camera and not many photos survived two computer crashes. 

And this is why I stopped wearing white shirts, woof. This was about 2008, I think. I had gone out to Denver to visit Rachel shortly after Mom died.

This is a nice length for me and about where my hair is now. How cute was Cordie as a competitive cheerleader?

Bangs again, I can't get way from them. Plus, boobs. I was very pregnant with Emmeline so this was Easter 2010.

And again with the bob and bangs.

This was the longest my hair had been in a long time. February 2012 here at my sister's baby shower. Yes, that was a creepy Howdy Doody in the background.

Naturally, I couldn't leave my hair alone and chopped it all off in June 2012. This hairstyle I liked quite a bit, but I didn't keep it short, I just grew it out again. And thank goodness my face isn't that fat anymore.

And this is what my hair looks like today

Any hairstyle advice? Suggestions? Does your man like you to have long hair?


  1. Ohh I like your hair today! I definitely like it long :)

  2. It looks cute long:-) I'm at the same point with needing a change with my own locks; hubby also likes long hair. The one that you said was a favorite when you were preggo w/Cordie is my vote if you go short.

  3. I do like it today! Def don't do the senior year hair! Lol! I think my favorite is the one where you are pregnant with Cordie! Love the color and cut! I hate choosing hair styles. My Jason likes it long too, but long looks terrible with my hair! Good luck!