Friday, January 25, 2013

Working on My Fitness

I finally got my butt in to my local running store and got myself fitted for some new shoes. My old Saucony's were several years and several miles past their prime. I was interested in trying the Brooks since so many people swear by them, but it turns out that I am a Saucony girl through and through. They just felt the best on my feet. I went with a different make of shoe and got the Mirage 2.

They are really light and comfortable. I decided to break them in on no less than a 5 mile run and they felt pretty good. My left knee started to hurt during the last mile, but they could be because I tweaked it doing Jillian last week. I was going to try another run last night, but I made a poor choice to have a taco salad for dinner (lettuce only, no crunchy bowl). That was a mistake as it did not agree with me at all and I spent a good 15 minutes in the bathroom. I decided to forgo my run rather than risk shitting my pants. I already had to clean up Emmeline's poopsplosion and I didn't want to rinse out shit from two pairs of pants in one night. Call me selfish that way.

So, I've got to get my run on tonight because I've got my 10K Groundhog Run on Sunday with the lovely ladies, Holly, Darci and Molly. (Should I start going by Mandy so I can fit in with the I/Y names?) I haven't had the chance to meet Darci and Molly yet so I'm super excited. I'm trying not to think about the fact that I've never run as far as 6.2 miles, and I'm hoping that running with friends will just push me through to the end.

Speaking of never doing something before, my sister had mentioned to me when we ran our first 5K together back in November that she wanted to try the Warrior Dash. For some reason, I started thinking about that last night and looked it up only to discover that it was coming up April 27th! I texted her to ask if she still wanted to do it and she was all Hell, yeah! so I am now officially signed up! I've heard awesome things about this and it looks like so much fun. Now, I just have to come up with a good costume.

I also have to tell you how proud I am of Jason. He attended his first CrossFit class last night. He had been looking at it for a while because he wants to get in shape, but has been struggling with taking the first step. He finally took it and went to an introduction class. He said it was brutal, though and is really sore today. Apparently humility is one the philosophies of CrossFit and he learned it during the class. He did not like the fact that he was the heaviest person there or the slowest person to do the workouts, but he did not quit. He finished the class, he survived and is stronger for it. I am just bursting with pride for him because I know how hard it was for him to do that, but he can only get better and stronger!

If you are interested in a kick ass giveaway, head on over to Lora's page. She is celebrating hitting 300 followers and got an amazing group of women (including me) together giving away a bunch of things you know you want!

Any big plans for your weekend? Upcoming races or events that are can't miss? Tell me all about them!