Monday, January 28, 2013

Meeting Blogger Friends and a 10K

Good morning everyone! I'm not really that cheery this morning, so I'm faking it. :) First off, I want to say welcome to all my new followers! I am truly overwhelmed and so excited for you to join me. And yes, I realize that a lot of you want to win Lora's giveaway, buy hey, I'll take what I can get. Plus, I said that I would host a giveaway when I reached 50 followers so I will have that up soon.

So, on to the weekend recap. Saturday morning I had an appointment to get my hair done and I knew I wanted to get it colored again. I didn't tell Jason so it was a nice surprise for him. I told my stylist that I wanted to go bright red so she brought out some samples and we picked the best one. I have to say, it turned out a lot darker than I anticipated. I was thinking more coppery, but I am really starting to like it. I posted a pic on IG, but I don't know that the color came through so here is a better pic from this morning.

Saturday night, I met up with my fellow runners in training, Holly, Darci, Molly and Darci's two non-blogger friends, Breckin and Fallon. Darci chose The Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza for her birthday dinner, but there was a two hour wait. We went next door to Forever 21 to shop and kill some time and I actually ended up finding two cute shirts that I bought. We went back after an hour and got some drinks and after an interminable wait, finally got seated at 8:45pm. Holly put her name in at 6:30pm so needless to say, we were starving. Dinner was great and we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. We made sure to get Darci a birthday piece of cheesecake and sang to her very loudly. After dinner, they were going to go to a bar for another drink, but I packed it in and went home. I knew that I needed to get to bed if I was going to get up and run.

Holly and I - the only picture I took that night
 Sunday morning dawned cold and rainy and I didn't get up early like I wanted to. This resulted in a last minute dash to get everything and everybody packed up and in the car. Jason and Emmeline came along to support me. The race was held in these man made underground caves. They aren't caves in the general sense, more like underground storage and access roads for deliveries. It was all climate controlled so you did get a bit of a stale air feeling, but there were places where there was a nice breeze from outside.

Since I got there a little late, I only met up with the girls right as the race was starting. Then, because my pace was slower, I didn't see them again until the end of the race. This was a very tough race for me mentally. I wanted to try and run the entire thing but I did end up walking. There was absolutely no cell reception so I couldn't listen to music via Pandora and I couldn't use my Nike+ running app. Having no music was tough, I think that would have helped me push through a little more. I started to get really discouraged when the freakishly fast runners from the first wave started lapping me and they were completing the race when I was starting my second lap around the course. At that point, I was mentally drained. I wanted to quit and just say, "fuck it" and just had tears running down my face. I came upon the next water station, though and all the volunteers were encouraging and saying, "Great job" and "You got this". That helped me perk back up soI did not quit and ran/walked the rest of the 3.1 miles. I finished with a time of 1:24.

Darci, Breckin, Molly, Holly, Me
The rest of the day, I was just feeling really down on myself and disappointed that I couldn't run the whole race. If I can run on a treadmill, why the hell is running a road so much more difficult? Jason told me that I was being too hard on myself. Regardless of whether I ran or walked, I still completed a 10K and I should be really proud of that. He definitely helped put it in a different perspective so I'm feeling better about it today. It could just be that I was PMSing hard, but fortunately Aunt Flo waited until after the race to make her monthly visit. So considerate of her.
My short term goals for running now are to focus less on long distance runs and focus more on my endurance. Once it starts getting warmer, I am going to get my ass outside and get those runs in. If I can run in my hilly neighborhood, then I should be able to run anywhere.