Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not your Normal Love Story

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Today I am linking up with Erin to talk about my love story. I decided to give you both a "his and hers" version so you can get both sides of the story.


My Side
My love story is not your typical boy meets girl type of story. As I’ve made no secret about, Jason and I were both married at the time we met. However, that doesn’t make the feelings any less real. So if you have an open mind, read on…
Jason and I actually worked at the same place for a couple of years before we ever spoke to one another. He was always very quiet and pretty much kept to himself. He was not the social butterfly that I am. I had noticed him certainly, and thought he was very good looking , but never really had the “in” to go up and chat him up.
I usually had lunch in our cafeteria with a group of friends and we were usually pretty loud and had a lot of laughs. Jason was not a part of this group as he always ate lunch (which pretty much always consisted of peanut butter sandwiches) at his desk. One day, I encountered him in the break room and invited him to come eat downstairs with the rest of us. He declined saying that he didn’t care for all the work gossip. I might have lied and agreed with him about not being a fan of gossip either (I love hearing work gossip!) but told him that the invitation was open if he ever changed his mind.
A couple weeks later I received an email from him saying that he’d like to take me up on my offer. Not gonna lie, I got some butterflies in my stomach. When we went downstairs for lunch, however, he did not sit with the group, but sat off at our own little table. We just basically talked and got to know each other and I about choked when he told me how old he was. (Cougar, anyone?)
Our lunch dates became more frequent and at some point, it changed from friendship to romantic. We found more and more excuses to leave work during lunch hour to be together. I fell in love with him without really meaning to. But of course, life is complicated and doesn’t always or ever go the way you planned. He asked his wife for a divorce, but I was scared. Eventually, it became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be able to forget about him and go back to my husband though. Scary and sad as it was, my husband filed for divorce and I moved out.
Starting a new relationship in the midst of ending an old relationship is not easy or recommended. However, I am more certain today than ever that I did the right thing. Jason is definitely the man for me. I don’t necessarily believe in soul mates, but I do believe that people come into your life at the right time for a reason. He came into my life without me wanting it or seeking it, but now I can’t imagine life without him. He is my biggest supporter and he loves me unconditionally. He calls me out on my shit and he gets me to talk about my feelings when I really don’t want to. He is a wonderful father, but we’re still working on the step-dad role.
We’ll probably get married again someday, but I’m not in a rush. I don’t need a ring on my finger to know how much I mean to him or to solidify our relationship. We’re in a good place right now, but if the time comes, I will be having one hell of a reception party.

His Side
As Amanda said, our love story is not typical, but no less real than anyone else’s.
I was in an unhappy marriage; my ex-wife was verbally abusive to my, and chronically unemployed due to her bad attitude. I was a doormat, who worked two jobs and ate peanut butter sandwiches everyday for four-years, so that she could be at home playing housewife.
As indicated above, I am an introverted person. At work, my peer group consisted of highly-social extroverts with a flair for gossip and assigning nicknames to common targets of their ridicule. After awhile, I became a target and instead of confronting them, I put in my ear buds and kept to myself.
I saw Amanda in the office, always thought she was gorgeous, but never spoke to her outside of saying, “Hello” or “Good morning”. One day in the break room, Amanda invited me to have lunch with the “cool kids”; I declined, but was intrigued by the offer. Sometime afterwards, I sent her an e-mail asking if we could have lunch. She accepted and we talked about ourselves, likes and dislikes, etc.
I knew early on that I was falling for her, and didn’t make attempts to stop. I’d had enough of being a doormat, eating peanut butter sandwiches, and living a life where I wasn’t happy or honest with myself or others.
I divorced my wife, it sucked; but, you do what you have to do sometimes.
Today, I am a very happy, blessed man who feels very lucky to have been in the right place and time to have met Amanda.

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