Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forget Chinese Water Torture

Stick a sick man in a room with a demanding toddler and I guarantee he will crack under the pressure. This has actually been me the past couple of nights. This cold is kicking my ass and Emmeline has not been accommodating in the least. Monday night, I was trying to fix dinner and Jason had gone to lie down due to a headache. (Homeboy is suffering from caffeine withdrawal in the worst way). Dinner was proving to be a little more labor intensive than I would have liked and Miss Em decided that she needed something. Here was the scenario:
EM: Mommy
ME: Yes, dear?
EM: Mommy
ME What, Emmeline?
EM: Mommy
ME: Please tell me what you need.
EM: Mommy
ME: If you cannot tell me what you want, then go back in the other room.
EM: Mommy

And she runs into the other room crying. I may have proceeded to have a little tantrum at this point and I may have slammed a drawer a few times which may have resulted in breaking a couple large spoons. Not my finest Mommy moment. I had to go wake up Jason to ask him for help because otherwise I was going to lose it... again.
She really is too cute to stay mad at for long

Since it's Wednesday and I had my wellness assessment at work this morning, I'll go ahead and link up with Erin and Alex. I actually received three different weights this morning. My scale at home said 145.7. The scale at the assessment read 146.6, but the woman wrote down 144.8 on my sheet. Not sure what that was about, so I'm just going with my at home scale. Either way, it is a loss from last week's 148 so I'll take it. Plus, my body fat percentage is now in the healthy range again. Woohoo!


In other news, I inadvertently volunteered to run a half marathon in May. My company participates in an annual Corporate Challenge in which you can sign up to participate in a variety of events. It is a lot of fun and I always participate, I just usually stick to the events I know I can handle, like softball and tug of war. Two years ago, I got talked into doing the 800M run. I thought that I could surely handle two laps around a track. Wrong. I couldn't make it one lap without stopping and then I got disqualified. So, that was rather humiliating. The half marathon event was just added last year and apparently they did not get someone in my age group to sign up this year. So, when I got an email asking if I would be interested in doing it, I responded only if no one else wants to. Of course no one else wants to do it, otherwise they would have signed up! Oh well, the event is May 18 so I do have two months to train for it. Who knows, I may actually enjoy it. Or, I'll end up walking the entire thing finishing in over three hours and getting disqualified. It could go either way, actually.

Anyone else volunteer to do something crazy lately?