Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I am Awesome

So, epic blogger fail for not getting a post up on Monday morning. Normally I blog at work, but it was just way to busy for me today. It is still Monday, so technically I got it in under the wire. Moving on...

I am linking up with the awesome woman that is Fat Chick to Fit Chick. I love reading this girl's blog because she is genuinely funny and down to earth and her husband is a crackup on IG too.

Let's talk about why I am awesome. First up, there is the fact that I am a redhead. Yes, I am a proud, soul stealing, freckled ginger and I wouldn't have it any other way. Anyone can be a blond or brunette, but it takes a special personality to be a redhead. And wouldn't you know it, out of 5 children, not one of them got the ginger gene. Shame.

Going along with that, I have long ago accepted the fact that I will never be tan. I do get a little color in the summer, even with my SPF 100 sunscreen, but it is mostly pink. I don't want to be tan, though. Embrace the pale, people! You don't need a tan, whether it is from the sun, a bed or a spray, to be beautiful. I'm hoping that translucent will be the next phase to sweep the nation. I will totally have the in!

I have seen pretty much every animated Disney movie ever made and furthermore, I could probably sing every song to you. My children seem to think it is embarrassing, but they just haven't learned to fully appreciate the raw talent that is their mother.

When Jason and I first started getting to know each other, I caught him whistling a familiar tune one day. As soon as I recognized it from Robin Hood, I was a goner. Who whistles the Rooster's song from  a 1973 Disney classic? Oh, my man, that's who.

I am really close to getting Jason to do a guest post for me. He just needs to sit down and write it. Poor guy is absolutely swamped at work, though. He didn't even get a weekend because he had to go to the office both days. My weekend was very boring. Stuck at home with a demanding two year old is the highlight of any woman's week. She was actually really good for me except when she peed on the bed. I swear this girl is going to be 15 before she gets potty trained.
Good thing she's cute
Tell me all the ways that you are being awesome today!