Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm a Lurker

Guess what, this is my 100th post! And Jason has agreed to do a guest post for me! Only problem is, he doesn't know what to write about. So, please send me your questions for him. He has agreed to talk about anything (or maybe I made that up). Still, just add your questions as comments or email them to me at
He's really excited

Today I wanted to chat about a problem I have: blog lurking. I have only recently gotten into the whole "blog scene" and so I'm still learning. I have found blogs that I love and some that I don't care for. More often than not, though, I will read and not comment on someone's post.

Almost exactly a year ago, I moved to a new position at work. Training was rather slow so I ended up having a lot of down time. I stumbled upon Mama Laughlin's site and after reading a few posts, I was hooked. I read the whole thing from start to finish, but didn't submit one comment. She had introduced Skinny Meg in one of her posts, so I went over to Megan's site and again read from start to finish without adding any comments. So, I know all about these women and are invested in their lives, yet they have no idea who I am. Do I sound like a creeper yet?

Ignore the crazy eyes
Shortly after starting my own blog in July, I did reach out to both of them and send an email telling them how much I enjoyed their blogs and how inspiring I thought they were. I didn't necessarily expect a response, but I received very sweet emails from both of them thanking me for my comments.

As I started finding more blogs to read, I was still hesitant to comment. I would think oh, this person already has 50 comments, they don't care about mine or whatever I have to say will sound lame. Wrong! I got a little giddy every time someone commented on my blog so why wouldn't someone else feel the same?

So, I started putting myself out there and adding comments and lo and behold, I started connecting with people. I have now made some great friends through blogging and it all started with a simple comment. Holly did an awesome post on Blogger 101/102 that really says this all a lot better.

Me and Holly - One of the sweetest bloggers ever
Now, even though I know that people love comments (who doesn't like being validated?), I will still go through a bunch of posts and not comment. I do follow a lot of blogs and I want to make sure they all get read on a daily basis, but I still have that self doubt about commenting. I don't have anything to say or what I do say is going to come off as dumb. Let's face it, I have issues. I'm working on it, but like everything else, it is a work in progress.
Mel - Best commenter Ever
Putting yourself out there is tough, but oh so rewarding. Now, go make someone's day and leave a comment on a blog you never have before!