Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Tuesday, so yeah

Boy, my posts are just getting later and later. My blogging mojo seems to have taken a vacation so I'm hoping it returns soon.

Just a few randoms today to lighten up after the heaviness of yesterday's post. I'll be back with the heavy stuff with my Elsa post later this week.

I've been in kind of funk lately and I'm not sure quite why. However, all the IG love I got from this picture today just lifted my spirits tremendously. My IG followers are the best.

I am not used to these 4 inch heels
 Emmeline is closer and closer to being fully potty trained. She has even gone to daycare in underwear on a couple days. She came home in different pants, but eh, it's progress.

Cordie decided to try on some of my old bridesmaids' dresses and my prom dress over the weekend. My prom dress actually fit her. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

They were dressing up like princesses
I discovered that my cat likes eggs. I had fixed myself an egg in the hole for breakfast yesterday and managed to knock my plate on the floor after about three bites. (I may have eaten a few bites off the floor). When I came back to clean up my mess after taking my plate to the kitchen, my cat was licking the floor like she hadn't eaten in days.

That's about all the random shiz I've got for today. Oh, and since everyone's panties are in a twist about GFC, if you want to follow me via BlogLovin, you can do so here.