Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
I'm alive! But just barely. Since I have quite a bit to talk about, I thought I'd participate in my first ever So What Wednesday. So here goes.

 So What if: I haven't posted in a week. I have been drowning at work and when I get home, all I want to do is veg. I didn't get to go to St. Louis last weekend to meet all the fun bloggers. I woke up Sunday morning with absolutely no energy, could barely get out of bed and ended up sleeping until 1:00. Probably best I didn't go.

 That I am still sick today and now I barely have a voice. I sound like a man, it is pretty awesome. I just stayed home from work, I needed the rest anyway.

 The scale really hasn't moved in three months. I need to remember that it isn't always about the scale. It is about how you look and feel and what you can do with your body. I got so many nice words on my transformation Tuesday picture that I posted on IG, it totally made my month. My IG followers are the best.

 I have missed three days of working out with Jillian. Sorry NerkyMeg, I am just physically drained but as soon as kick this sickness to the curb, I will be right back at it. According to WebMD, I could have walking pneumonia or strep throat. Either that or Bird Flu. It's a crap shoot, really. And yes, Kimmy, I will be going to the doctor tonight. Provided that going to the CVS Minute Clinic counts as going to the doctor. Anyone else not have a primary care physician?

 It took me a couple years to do it, but I finally got my first mammogram last Thursday. Results were all clear which was fabulous news. I wasn't really expecting the worst, although I do like to tease myself with worst case scenarios in my head.

 I missed my oldest daughter getting ready for Prom. I got some pictures and she looked absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have been there.

 Emmeline has entered an epic phase of toddlerhood where I'm ready to lose my shit pretty much every day. She wants to do everything herself even though she is the slowest kid ever and a fantastic tantrum ensues if she doesn't get what she wants. She has also entered the "why?" stage which makes me want to drink copious amounts of alcohol. It really just cements my and Jason's decision that we are 100% done with having kids.

That my house is a complete wreck. It really needs a deep cleaning, but I just can't muster the strength to do it.

 I'm sorry that I've been so out of touch this past week, I have so many blogs I need to catch up on! For now, I'm going to go back to bed and watch some more episodes of Amazing Race. Seriously, I'm obsessed.