Monday, April 15, 2013

Proud Mom Moments and a Half

Monday again. I'm late today (as usual), but at least I'm getting a post out. Bully for me. I had a pretty good weekend. One day of being busy and one day of sitting on my ass and doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and being the bad blogger that I am, I took no pictures. Huge fail on my part.

Saturday, I drove to T-town because the girls had several activities going on. I managed to catch the second half on Elsa's soccer game (they lost) and the first half of Paige's (they won). Elsa's team was down by 3 when I got there and they did manage to rally and score 3 points, but the other team scored 3 more. They are doing better, though. Elsa just needs to remember not to stop running when she's kicking the ball. It's like she kicks it and then waits to see what is going to happen next.

When her game was over, she wanted a bottle of Gatorade since she only had water to drink. I gave her a couple dollars for the concession stand and she ran off to buy some. Much to my surprise, she comes back with a bottle of Pepsi. Oh, hell no. I told her that I do not buy soda for me or anyone else Jason excluded and that she needed to march back and exchange it for Gatorade. She then threw a fit and was a pain in the ass for the rest of the day, but I held my ground. I took that soda and returned it. Gatorade isn't the best for kids either, I realize, but it is a hell of a lot better than sugary soda. Mean mom for the win.

Paige's team got to play the team of giants, but they still managed to pull out a win. It is great to see these kids that have been playing together for so long now really start to "play" and know how to steal and block and all that other fun stuff. Quite a change from just running up and down the field.

After I left the soccer field, I headed over to one of the high schools so that I could watch Hannah's choir performance. There was a choir and orchestra tournament (for lack of a better term) with all the nearby schools participating. Hannah's choir group did really well and ended up getting a score of 1. (Scoring is 1 to 4 with 1 being the best). She then had a solo prepared, but that wasn't for a couple of hours so we watched some of her friends and then drove over to Sonic to pick up a little lunch. She's been suffering from the same cold/cough that I have so I also had her get some cough drops at the gas station.

Back at the school, she went to go prepare and I sat and people watched. I came to the conclusion that high schoolers really are not that much different than they were 20 years ago when I was in high school. The one thing that really struck me, though is that there seems to be a lot more overweight teens now than there was. That really made me sad. Being a teenager is hard enough without throwing a weight problem on top of it. One girl really caught my eye for some reason. She was really short, like maybe 5'0" and she had to have been at least 220 pounds, if not more. She was walking with her friends, but I got the sense that she really didn't feel like she belonged. I didn't talk to her or even make eye contact, but that girl really made an impression and I can't explain why.

Hannah's solo went really well and I was so completely proud of her. She has a lovely voice and has been taking voice lessons which have helped her control and project her voice. Her teacher was so sweet and also talked about how proud she was. She warbled in the middle a little bit, but she didn't lose her focus, just kept going and finished strong. She ended up receiving a 3, but I am still super proud of her.

Sunday was my day of sloth. I sat around and did absolutely nothing and it was glorious. I did have thoughts of trying to run, but I was still feeling a little weak so tonight I am hitting the treadmill for sure. Also, after my week long hiatus, I am getting back to Jillian and my 30 Day Shred. So what if it will be 37 days, at least it will be finished. Plus, I gotta get my training in if I am going to run a half marathon in September. What was that? Yes, I have decided I am going to travel to Indianapolis and run the Indy Half Marathon with a bunch of wonderful women. And... Jason is going to run with me! Holly used her persuasive powers and convinced him to start training too. I am so excited and nervous I may pee myself a little.  Who else is traveling to Indy?