Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Cake and Target

It is amazing how the decibel level in my house raises exponentially when I have all 5 girls for the weekend. And it is not even the older ones; Emmeline has decided that screaming at her sisters is the only way to get her point across. I really need to invest in some earplugs.

We had a fun busy weekend with lots of activities or at least it seemed that way as I am completely exhausted. I finally got my ass to the salon to get my roots taken care of. When you dye your hair a dark auburn and the roots are growing back in strawberry-blonde, it is not a good look. She also gave me a little trim to get rid of the dead ends and styled my hair. Now, I asked for beachy waves, but apparently she misheard me. She first blew my hair out ridiculously big and then curled it all up while using a full can of hairspray. I guess "beachy waves" sounded like "big Texas hair" to her.

My cousin was in town this weekend for her birthday and my aunt (not her mom) is also having a birthday next week so we had a big family birthday party at my other aunt and uncle's house. Yes, I have a big family; six sets of aunts and uncles. It was great to see everyone and catch up and the girls had fun running around, climbing trees and throwing rocks in the lake. You know, usual kids' stuff. They also enjoyed stuffing their face with all the birthday cake that was readily available. Needless to say, everyone pretty much crashed when we got home.
Notice the two cakes, plus there were cupcakes
Hannah and Emmeline cheezing it up
Elsa enjoying her first of I don't know how many cupcakes
Paige took a break from her art to have some cake

The girls all scored big with a $25 gift card to Target from my aunt Marcie so we headed over to the Bullseye on Sunday. The shopping trip went surprisingly well and we only had one tantrum from Emmeline who had managed to avoid a nap and was super cranky. It was really nice that everyone knew how much they had to spend and I didn't have to be the bad guy and say no, I'm not buying that for you. They all spent pretty practically, too. The majority of the purchases were clothes and shoes. I did get a Dora dvd for Emmeline and I snagged the 4th Shrek movie for $5.

Knowing that I have to run a half marathon in a month, I did get outside and attempt to run. I don't know why, but it is still so tough for me to run outside. It doesn't help that my neighborhood is all hills and the wind was really strong, but still. I got frustrated when my Nike+ app told me that I had hit a mile and it had only been 5 minutes. I knew for a fact I had not run a 5 minute mile. I ended up coming inside and running/walking another couple of miles on the treadmill. I really need to get my ass in gear.

I'm working from home today in an effort to recover and relax a bit. Sometimes you just need those days to yourself.