Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Business Casual

It is freezing cold today with rain and sleet and wind and I am cursing my company for choosing a building with a parking garage that is several hundred yards away. Sure it is great in the Summer and Spring (ahem) when the temps are nice, but pretty much sucks balls when it is cold.

About halfway between the garage and the front door.
I know, poor me.
Dressing for work when the weather is crappy is always a challenge too. Do I really want to wear flats as I trudge through puddles? I need to get some cute rain boots that I can wear and not have to worry about getting my feet wet.
My office dress code is business casual and it appears that there is a lot of open interpretation of that among my colleagues. To me, it means dress pants, skirts, or dresses, nice tops, sweaters or button down shirts, nice heels or flats. 
I wish all of these outfits were in my closet
 Now, here is where it gets fuzzy for some of the people I work with.

Denim dress pants - I'm on the fence about this one. To me, jeans cut like dress pants don't necessarily make them acceptable.

Colored jeans - This goes along with the denim dress pants. They can look really nice or way too casual. I guess it is more about the styling. However, too many women in my office know nothing about styling.

Fleece pullover jackets - If your office is so cold that you feel the need to wear your fleece jacket every day, you need to start dressing more warmly. It just looks tacky and it looks like you don't ever change your clothes.

Athletic shoes - Never okay. Even on casual/jeans Friday, you are not allowed to wear athletic shoes. (A certain manager I know wears them daily). I don't care if you have had foot surgery or foot problems, there are orthopedic shoes that are appropriate for work. Some are even cute, too. And can we just agree that there are way too many middle aged men who wear white tennis shoes with jeans? No, just no.

And just to prove that I can walk the walk, here are a whole bevy of bathroom selfies I've taken of my work outfits. I think I need a new pose.

Note: This was not a sponsored post (although that would have been nice). These are just some things that bother me at work.

How about you? Anyone test the dress code limits in your office?