Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wrapping my Head Around It

Sorry I'm so late in posting today, my alarm sound was turned way down and then I had a dermatologist appointment that seemed to take forever. Anywho, if you are here from SkinnyMeg's blog, then welcome! She is just the sweetest and I totally have workout envy of her morning routines.

My mind has kind of been all over the place lately, so I wasn't really sure what to blog about today. Listening to a story about Boston on NPR this morning kind of sealed it for me, though. Now, typically, I am not a news watcher. I don't really know what is going on in the world unless someone tells me about it or forces me to listen to NPR. Call me sheltered if you will, but the news does not hold vast amounts of appeal for me. I don't want to willingly subject myself to reports of hatred and violence that I don't understand.

I tend to be an emotional furball. I can burst into tears at the viewing of a Hallmark commercial for goodness' sake. I also believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, weight, financial standing, job title, I could go on for days etc. and I have tried to instill those beliefs in my kids. What I don't understand is people being so mentally out of whack that they need to take the lives of others. Innocent people get caught in the cross-fire because they wanted to go to a movie or to a planned parenthood clinic or to school or even run a marathon.

I was not glued to the reports of the Boston bombings as some people were. I listened to the updates as people around me would give them and was relieved when it was all "over". I could get back to my life as Boston was so far removed from me. Then I started to see all the "I run for Boston" t-shirts and I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. I actually had the thought last night, "Am I a complete asshole because I don't understand the concept of running in support of Boston?"

As I was listening to the news story on NPR this morning, they were discussing reopening the areas around where the bombs went off. People were going back to work and had to clean up the damage left. Uneaten food in restaurants and shattered glass from window all had to be picked up. What really got to me was the blood from the wounded was still on the floors and that had to be scrubbed up as well. These people who had been in the midst of a horrific event also had to go on with their lives. Whether or not they knew someone who had been hurt or been killed; life must go on for everyone. And then it dawned on me, running in support of Boston is a way to mentally do something when you can't do anything else.

I have not been running that long, relatively speaking. I started running last July because I wanted to lose weight and get in shape and that's how Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg had started out. It had worked for them so it should surely work for me. Little by little, I gained strength and could run for longer distances until I did my first 5K and then my first 10K. In all that time, however, I was never really running for any causes. I just ran because I wanted to and that was good enough for me.

One of the largest running events in the country was marred by an act of hatred and violence. We may never know "why" and it doesn't even matter. I have seen so many great people in the running community that I am just a small part of come together to lift a middle finger to that violence. The support and love that I have seen from runners in the short time I have been able to call myself a runner has been overwhelming. That's why we run. Not just for Boston but for everyone to spread the love and support; to throw up high fives and way to go's and pats on the back. I'm crossing the finish line and it feels pretty damn good.