Monday, May 6, 2013

Another 5K in the books

 In the sport of running, I continue to disappoint myself. The Corporate Challenge 5K was Saturday morning at 7:30AM and of course it was 40 degrees and wet outside. It wasn't really raining, but it was misting. I got up with lots of time and had a good breakfast of oatmeal and a protein bar and got my stretching in. As soon as I left, I realized I had forgotten my gloves so I turned around to get them. No way I was going to run without something on my hands. I ended up getting there with a few minutes to spare and walked to the starting line and got in around the 13 minute mile marker. There were actually a ton of people there and since participation points count sometimes as much as placing, there were people of all skill levels.

Pink pants for the PR
Once the timer went off and we all got going, I was feeling pretty good. However, the first half of the race was all on a steady incline which made for a difficult start. If you are familiar with Kansas City, the race was on Ward Parkway between Wornall and 75th Street. I really, really wanted to run the entire thing but I got to the first mile, I had to start walking. I just felt really tired. The 2nd mile I alternated running and walking but when I got to the third mile, I ran the whole way. It helped that it was all downhill, but I was feeling good and wanted to try and finish under 40 minutes. When I saw the finish line, I kicked it into gear and sprinted into the end. My official time was 41:10.
During that second mile while I was walking, I got really down on myself. I was like, "How can I call myself a runner if I can't even run a full 5K? I'm such a fraud". It was very hard to keep motivated especially when an older gentleman wearing Dockers passed me. Seriously, he was wearing khaki slacks. All the volunteers on the side of the road were so encouraging though, and I had my music going and my Nike+ app was behaving so that all kept me on track. I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but I did PR and I can only get better, right?

And because I was feeling way too confident Friday night (and it was the last night to get the lowest price) I went ahead and signed up for the Fort4Fitness half marathon in September. I'm stoked to be able to meet all the wonderful women that will be there, but I am super nervous about running an actual half marathon. Not to mention the one that I'm supposed to run in two weeks time. I'm pretty sure that I'm in denial about it. That one is going to suck donkey balls. As long as I can finish in under 3 hours though, I'm golden.

After I got back home from my race, I found out that the girls' soccer games had been cancelled due to the weather so I would not have to drive to Topeka to pick them up (so excited about that). We just met in Lawrence as usual and then when we got back home, I crashed big time. One minute I was laying on the bed with Elsa looking at something on my phone, the next minute she had swiped my phone to play with it and I was snoozing away.

After I finally woke up from my coma, we decided to go out to dinner and we all went to Red Robin. It was pretty busy, but the wait didn't seem too long and all the girls were on their best behavior. It was really nice to have some quality family time with them all with no drama. After dinner, Jason and I dropped the girls off at home so we could do some birthday present shopping for Emmeline. Fortunately, we didn't have to spend too much time in Toys R Us and found something I think she'll love.

Noms at Red Robin

Sunday was a lazy day, we just lazed around and watched TV while the girls took turns on the iPad. Is anyone else's kids obsessed with Minecraft or is it just mine? I do not understand the appeal of this game, yet they are absolutely mesmerized. It was a short weekend, it seemed but I do love spending time with my girls. Loud as the house may be, it is always more fun when they're around.
So adorable
Could not get her to smile and show her teeth for anything
Paige was peering through the back of my headrest
Elsa enjoying the movie
How was your weekend? Fun activities? Crappy weather? Good naps?