Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yet another Finish the Sentence linkup


Once again, I am linking up with Holly and Jake for the Finish the Sentence game. I kind of lucked out here, because I am kind of out of blogging material so this it perfect timing.

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much).... I have multiple children. My sister Angie just had her first baby last year, but my other sister and brother are still single and childless. Slackers. I had my first 4 before I turned 30.
My best friend says... that I'm weird, but let's face it. He is a tall drink of not normal himself.
People call me... Manda Panda. It is a nickname that has stuck around since childhood. Actually only my aunt and cousin call me that anymore, but I secretly squee with glee with Jason says it. I absolutely despise the nickname/endearment Boo. Gag.
I most often dream... about all the things I'm going to do and buy when I win the lottery. I have the best imagination ever.
The best part of my day... is late evening after Emmeline has gone to bed and I can just relax. On weekends that I have the girls though, I love sitting around with them and just listening to them chatter.
I really don't understand... Haters and people that are mean just to be mean. Why waste your energy on that?
I get really annoyed... at myself for not working out. That bottle of wine is not going to run my half for me.
There's nothing like a... good round of sexytime to make me happy.
Lately, I can't get enough... sleep. I am always tired anymore and this goddammed cold has taken up residence in my nostrils again. You know that snot man on the Mucinex commercials? Pretty sure his whole family has moved in, uninvited. Assholes.
One thing I am NOT is... a clean freak. Holly desperately wants to come over and clean my house. I can see it in her eyes.
I spent too much money on... food last month. I need to be better about planning meals instead of coming up with them on the fly and then stopping by the grocery store for one or two things. Dinner planning stresses me out.
I want to learn.... well, relearn French. Can you believe I actually majored in French in college and have lost most of it. Student loans well spent, I say.
If I ever met Kimmy, we would... stay up all night braiding each other's hair and laughing at everything. It will happen, oh yes.
I can't stop... this feeling anymore. I've forgotten what I started fight for. It's time to bring this ship into the shore and throw away the oars forever. (If you are now singing that in your head, you're welcome.)
Never have I ever... wanted to be a man. I am extremely happy as a woman.
Reese Witherspoon... is awesome. Who hasn't gotten drunk and said stupid shit? Girlfriend is fine by me.