Monday, May 13, 2013

Yo Shorty, it's your birthday

My head is kind of all over the place so I'm going to try and rein it in to get through a coherent blog post. Thursday night, I drove to Topeka to watch Paige's band concert (she's now playing the clarinet). It is an hour drive and I was 10 minutes late (for a 30 minute concert), but the look on her face when she saw me in the audience made it all worth it. She just lit up and was so happy to see me. Cue mom tears.

This kid is the shit
Friday was my baby girl's 3rd birthday. I did have plans to do this whole post on her birth story, but life got in the way and I didn't get it done. Womp, womp. We bought a big cake at Costco and took it to daycare for everyone to share and celebrate with her. I figured there would be about half of it left by the end of the day. Nope. They demolished that sucker and we brought home like 4 pieces. At least it was enjoyed, which was the whole point.

Her "princess" outfit
Saturday, I drove back to Topeka to watch Paige's last soccer game. Their game from the previous week had been cancelled due to bad weather. They ended up winning 3-2 and finished their season undefeated. I think this is the last year that they will all play together since some of the kids will be moving to a new age group next year. They have played together for three years so it was a little bittersweet.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some cake mix for cupcakes and a few other items like beer. After we got home, we just relaxed for a little while and then Jason fired up the grill for some burgers and steaks and I made the cupcakes. Hannah had picked out Lemon cake and they turned out really well. We didn't really have a huge party since I am the worst planner ever so it was nice to just have a quiet fun night with the girls. They all snacked on chips and veggies while the grill was going and then enjoyed the cupcakes afterwards.

Emmeline had fun opening her gifts and she has more coming from Jason's family. She loved the box of dress-up clothes that we got her and the little pop-up playhouse from my sister. We didn't go super crazy with the gifts and she was happy with everything she got.

Sunday, I just lazed in bed for a while watching Amazing Race. Emmeline rolled all over me for a while until her sisters got up and distracted her. She is not the type of child that will go in her room and play by herself for hours on end unfortunately. She loves to have lots of people around her to play with. Once lazy time was over, we got dressed and headed over to our favorite nature trail to get some exercise. Elsa threw a fit and didn't want to go so I left her at home by herself because I would rather enjoy myself instead of dealing with an hour of whining about why she didn't want to be there. We walked for 2.5 miles in just over an hour over the course and it was a good workout. Emmeline was trying to run to catch up with her sisters at one point and tripped over a tree root and fell on some rocks. She pretty much had to be carried the rest of the way after that. We took turns carrying her because adding 35 pounds to your hike is no joke.

I met my ex early yesterday afternoon because I received a ticket to go see Jillian Michaels speak as an early Mother's Day gift. She did not disappoint, either. It was a 3 hour show with intermission, but it was highly entertaining and informative. Nothing she talked about was earth shattering news or completely new information, but she relayed it in a very relate able way. I refrained from buying any of the merchandise because $40 for a tank top is way out of my price range.

My phone takes crappy pictures
Today is my oldest baby's birthday. Hannah is 17 years old today and it just blows my mind. I talked it over with her and she said that instead of a gift she'd rather just have a day out with me and we could go shopping and get manis and pedis. I think it sounds like a great day, now we just have to plan it.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my fellow blogger moms out there! How was your weekend?