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Running is still fairly new to me and I am rather amazed that I can actually run 5 miles without stopping. Of course, once you start running, you have to start participating in events and actually pay to run!

My first 5K was a trail run with ridiculous hills. I did not run the whole way and managed to wheeze my way up the incredibly steep hills. Fortunately, I talked my sister into running with me so that made it even better at the finish line.

My second 5K was a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Jason actually ran this with me. I had high hopes of running the entire thing, but in a mental war with my myself, my brain won and I did walk some. I PR'd from my first run, though, so that was a victory in itself. Plus, I was so proud of Jason for doing it with me with very little training.

My first 10K was a beast. I had some great girls to run with, but it was still the longest run I had ever attempted. My time was not great, but I finished and had fantastic support cheering me on.

Coming up next in the Warrior Dash on April 27. I am nervous about this, but my sister, Rachel will be there with me again and we are going to rock it!

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