My Weight Loss

I was always pretty average growing up. Oh sure, I chubbed up during my pre-teen years but grew out of it as I got through puberty. Even through high school and college, I was pretty thin weighing about 125-130ish pounds. (I'm 5'4"). Once I got married and started having babies, that all changed for me. I lost the baby weight pretty quickly after my first but then put on 50 pounds with my second pregnancy. I then had two more babies in the next three years and the weight did not come off. It continued to creep up on me and when I got pregnant with baby #5, I was around 180. I was at my very highest weight ever at the end of my pregnancy at 212 and I was miserable.
April 2010
February 2012
I did lose my baby weight and got back down to 180 again where I sat for another couple of years. In June 2012, I finally had my A-ha moment and decided to take control. I started exercising and counting calories. I experimented with Paleo eating and I became a runner. My body responded and the weight started coming off.
179 lbs
169 lbs
157 lbs
149 lbs
It was not an easy nor a quick process and it took be about 6 months to lose 30 pounds.
Today, I am right around 145-147 pounds and have been here for about seven months or so. Eventually I would like to get down into the 130's but I've hit a comfortable place. I'm happy with how I look for the most part and I love being able to buy a size 6 or wear a bikini for the first time in years.

Embrace the paleness

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